Applied Neuroscience Strategist, World Traveler, Thinker & Smart Drug Dealer [BANNED from Youtube]

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Please watch my video introduction on D.Tube

Hello Steemit/D.Tube!

I'm Jonathan Roseland from Colorado and I endeavor to get more involved with the Steemit community. So I've purchased some Steemit and intend to upvote, comment and make friends (and enemies) here!

First of all just take a second to upvote this post, I'm committed to earning my Steem by creating great content and NOT gaming the Steemit system, so PLEASE upvote this.

I'm an Applied Neuroscience Strategist

Which means that I devote myself full time to reading and researching the latest science in regards to human performance enhancement and anti-aging. I'm a Biohacker who has used over 90 Nootropic smart drugs over the past 6 years.

A hacker is someone who seeks to control whatever system they are dealing with. A Biohacker, therefor is someone who seeks complete control of their own biology.

We biohack with...

  • Drugs
  • Supplements 
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Technology and apps
  • Light
  • Meditation
  • Music 
  • And sex 

I'd like to actually show two of my favorite Biohack to you right now...


Now I don't smoke (actually I quit smoking successfully years ago) but I use Nicotine very sparingly because Nicotine is an incredible short term cognitive enhancer that stimulates creativity and what's called your brain's default network. I'll explain what that means but some of you might be thinking... 

Wait isn't Nicotine like this evil, addictive chemical that causes cancer?

Not exactly, the most recent science seems to indicate that it's all the other toxic chemicals in cigarettes that cause cancer. The risk that very moderate Nicotine consumption presents is minimal and I offset it with a bunch of other biohacks.

  • Nicotine is my favorite promoter of creativity, it's my go-to for an intensive writing session.
  • Nicotine fires up the brain's default network - which is the capacity of your unconscious mind to come up with novel solutions to problems you're dealing with. I will typically do a little bit of Nicotine before doing a meditation session, then I will spend about 30 seconds loading up my conscious mind with all the challenges and things I have to deal with usually by scrolling through my email inbox or Evernote application, then I lie down to do my meditation. I focus on my breathing, clear my mind and after about 10 minutes really clever solutions to my problems, challenges and worries come bubbling up out of my unconscious. It's pretty cool and it works pretty consistently!
  • Nicotine is pretty addictive so I use it as a Pavlovian reward to reinforce and reward good habits.

If this interests you please read my article in full about Nicotine supplementation first as opposed to just going out and getting some spray or Nicotine gum from a pharmacy.  

Pavlovian scent trigger

You might remember in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street about half way through the movie Jordan makes this silly video infomercial for a sales course that he sells... Well, Jordan Belfort is a real person and he really did create an excellent sales psychology course, which I took. In it he shared this Pavlovian biohack for instant closing confidence. You anchor a specific scent to feeling of exhilarating confidence; anytime you close a sale and feel amazing you take a big whiff of a particular smell. My anchor is the scent of an old cigar. So when I'm in need of some confidence, I just take a whiff of the cigar.

I'm going to cause some trouble here on Steemit...

In the health and science section of Steemit there seems to be a lot of examples of shoddy research, misguided conclusions, lack of critical thinking and poor argumentation.

I intend to start some fights in the comments section there (well, very polite fights using facts and logic!) I suspect this will earn me some some downvotes and haters! 

So please do follow me and upvote when you think I'm making good arguments.

World Traveler

I've been a world traveler for 6 years and have lived in 6 different countries. I've hung out with spies in Kiev and dated politician's daughters in Colombia. So you can look forward to some lifehacking articles and videos about travel from me.

Currently I'm an expat living in Sofia, Bulgaria which is a really lovely country that rarely gets discussed by the travel bloggerati! If you're around south east Europe, come see me!

My intellectual and entrepreneurial pursuits don't leave all that much time for leisure but my hobbies include salsa dancing and weight lifting.

Living abroad I've picked up some other languages...

Hablo espanol con fluidez 

я немного говорю по русски



I have some cool documentaries I've made about topics that interest me like tantric sex, the Mandela Effect, bad science and debunking the flat earth theory.that you'll want to checkout so I'll include those in my introducing myself post on Steemit

The Mandela Effect Demystified

The Futility of the Flat Earth Debate


I'm a libertarian, conservative-leaning thinker and have some philosophical content that may interest you...

Freedom is Unnatural: Why Human Rights are Antithetical to Human Nature

Free Market “Universal Basic Income”

Book Reviews

I'm a voracious reader and publish book reviews from time to time that I think you'll find insightful and witty!

"Free Speech Isn't Free" Book Review

Smart Drug Dealer

 My niche of expertise is this class of safe, legal cognitive enhancers called Nootropics. There’s several hundred different compounds that…

  • Improve working memory — the RAM of the brain
  • Improve verbal intelligence
  • Help long term memory
  • Improve energy and mood
  • Change your personality or promote discipline
  • Make you more focused

 Some of them come from the natural world like Ginkgo Biloba or Rhodiola whereas some of them are synthesized in laboratories

I’ve personally tried over 90 of them, of those about 25 are really effective and I think actually worthwhile for people to use.

I spend at least 10 hours a week reading studies and latest scientific research about this class of drugs. I’ve obsessively researched and experimented with them for 6 years. There’s all these other topics that I’ve had passing dalliances with like mindfulness, transhumanism, libertarianism, Identitarianism, tantric sex, keto diet, Taoism, etc but smart drugs have NOT been a passing dalliance for me.

In regards to smart drugs I’ve relentless followed the path of excess to the palace of wisdom. I’m probably one of the most holistically knowledgeable guys in word when it comes to this topic, now there’s certainly scientists and researchers who know more about specific things than me. Like there will be a scientists who has studied a neurobiological amino mechanism for 10 or 20 years and they will have an extremely granular understanding of the topic but when it comes to a holistic understanding how smart drugs and Nootropic supplements effect…

  • Cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s
  • Mood and mindset
  • Energy levels and metabolism
  • Personality, motivation and discipline
  • Antiaging
  • IQ and intelligence
  • Verbal intelligence
  • Long term memory
  • Short term working memory

...I’m the go-to guy to answer your questions!

I’m a bit different than a lot of the websites or brands that promote health and fitness products because as you can see I use my real name and image. I’ve got skin the game, I face serious reputational consequences if I recommend something that doesn’t help people. Over the years I’ve made some enemies in the health products industry because I will call out and criticize things that I don’t think are good for consumers. 

I was kicked off Youtube...

Recently the Youtube channel I had worked on for 5 years was deleted by Youtube, which inspired my zest for free speech and interest in supporting alternatives to Youtube. Good thing I've backed up and saved many of the hundreds of videos I made about lifehacking and biohacking, I'll be uploading these to D.Tube.

My Story

If you'd really like to get to know me further I recorded this +2 hour podcast

Introducing Myself, My Story and My Values

I realize that recording a 2 hour podcast talking about oneself may sound ridiculously narcissistic but I've got a very interesting story and a lot of people have told me that this is one of the most engrossing podcasts that they've ever listened to.

I want to thank a few people that got me involved with Steemit like my friend @freemanreporter, @simplymike, @mudcat36, libertarian extraordinaire @adamkokesh and @heimindanger the mastermind behind @Dtube! You'll want to checkout the channels of some other Biohacking Youtubers who were banned from Youtube with me @stevecronin and Ryan Michael Ballow of Cortex Labs

I look forward to a continued conversation with you here!

Connect with Jonathan Roseland

The inventor of the most clever cocktail toast ever, former participant in a bank robbery, almost died underwater twice, raconteur & smart drug dealer.

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Welcome fellow banned YouTuber :)

Yeah I think there's a lot of us here!

Hi Jonathan great to see you're back where the nootnauts can find you:)

Welcome to Steem, @jroseland!

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Welcome to Steemit @jroseland!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Welcome, I hope you'll keep doing similar posts. Greetings

Hi, jroseland! I wish you a very joyful journey here in this very cool community with many nice people :)

Welcome to the party!
What are the long-term effects of nootropics? What was the longest time that you have stayed off any drugs? My guess is that you brain will switch to making use of whatever you are feeding it and when you go off it after years you will start feeling dull.

Also, have you tried microdosing?

Hey @Alecie good questions!

I have a couple of articles about the long term ramifications - to be concise, it depends on the Nootropic. Some are very safe, like Piracetam which underwent 20 year population studies. With others there's some risks. However, I've been doing them for 7 years now and have experienced almost no negatives from them.

In this section of my site I meta analyze over 50 of them and frankly discuss risks and downsides

I've gone off them for as much as 6 months.

I've never tried microdosing LSD. I'm kind of a stickler for legality. Hopefully they make it legal at some point.

Thanks for the link, I'll go through them.

I was considering getting something for that extra focus, but since my brain chemistry is already quite altered, am having some worries about later recovery.

My doses weren't exactly micro, but my friend swears by it. The most legal way would be to stay in Holland for a while and try it with psilocybin, but there's also grey area chemicals which are structurally very similar to LSD.

welcom !

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