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Welcome to the party!
What are the long-term effects of nootropics? What was the longest time that you have stayed off any drugs? My guess is that you brain will switch to making use of whatever you are feeding it and when you go off it after years you will start feeling dull.

Also, have you tried microdosing?


Hey @Alecie good questions!

I have a couple of articles about the long term ramifications - to be concise, it depends on the Nootropic. Some are very safe, like Piracetam which underwent 20 year population studies. With others there's some risks. However, I've been doing them for 7 years now and have experienced almost no negatives from them.

In this section of my site I meta analyze over 50 of them and frankly discuss risks and downsides

I've gone off them for as much as 6 months.

I've never tried microdosing LSD. I'm kind of a stickler for legality. Hopefully they make it legal at some point.

Thanks for the link, I'll go through them.

I was considering getting something for that extra focus, but since my brain chemistry is already quite altered, am having some worries about later recovery.

My doses weren't exactly micro, but my friend swears by it. The most legal way would be to stay in Holland for a while and try it with psilocybin, but there's also grey area chemicals which are structurally very similar to LSD.