Leaving the Matrix, entering life. HELLLOOOOO STEEMIT

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In case you're wondering, yes, I just burned my hair when I made that picture. That's nothing new to me, as I tend to forget everything else once something has made me enthusiastic. Oh boy, how Steemit got my head spinning.

To show you why I got so excited, I needed my introduction to be quite extensive. In Steemit I see an enormous opportunity to express and develop myself because of you, the Steemit community. I want to grow as a writer and as a person and I think I've found the perfect platform for this.

Before, I was never a big social media guy as these platfroms always felt pretty fake to me and most of my Facebook friends just have completely different lifes and interests. I feel like most of them are caught in the Matrix, the social imprisonment of the Western world.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but I've never felt quite comfortable there. Everything is so incredibly structured and for most, life is pretty much already set in stone while life is just getting started. I understand that most people like and need this and I have to accept that, I just can't accept that my life will ever be structured or controlled. I'd rather fail while pursuing my own dreams than succeed in accomplishing somebody else's. So I decided to leave.

At the moment, I've been gone for 8 months and damn, it has been a series of amazingly random events. The first few months I've surfed in Indonesia, then I went sightseeing and diving in the Philipines after which I bought an old Honda deathmachine and drove it through mountainy northern Vietnam.




As the horrible money manager that I am, my bank account was shockingly empty after these trips and after meeting some English teachers in Hanoi, i decided to become one myself. Honestly, standing in front of a group of 8 year olds really wasn't my thing, but fellow travellers are always the best source for everything. A newly made friend hooked me up with a one-on-one English teaching job online, which suited me way better. Hanoi not so much though, so I flew back to Lombok, Indonesia, to teach and surf on this diamond of an island.

Meanwhile, I was beginning to understand the real potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and couldn't stop researching it. As I said, I was pretty much broke so I had to convince my father to give me a loan to invest in cryptocurrencies. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, so I decided to write down all my research, which turned into a 50 page book. It's for sale on Amazon, but if you send me your email address I'll send it to you :) Luckily, the book convinced my dad and off I was, into the crypto space and leaving another Matrix, the illusion of fiat.

matrix meme.jpg

So there I was, surfing in the morning, researching and trading cryptos in the afternoon and teaching English in the evening. And a shit ton of Bintangs to celebrate these days of course. Then, on a sunny Lombok afternoon, a good friend of mine walked into my room and showed me job offer which offered to write about blockchain for a website. Without hesitation I applied and accompanied my bookt to the application and a day later I was hired for my dream job. A paid writer, writing about blockchain, wtf just happened. I literally can't imagine a better job right now.


So here I am, in Lombok, researching the shit out of blockchain and crypto and surfing in between. But this is not the end of my story, merely the beginning. I know it took a while and I hope you're still reading, if so, good. I want to take you with me through all that is coming.

I have several ideas for books I want to write, and I want to write these chapter by chapter here on Steemit. I'd like you to criticize me, help me improve my stories and to share your ideas with me. Moreover, I'm not going to stop traveling. I want to see the whole world and I'm especially interested in global crypto and blockchain developments. And of course, I want to share all my adventures, ideas and new experiences with you.

I'd like you to come with me on my path of exploration, help each other, meet up if we can, but most importantly, enjoy everything I share on Steemit. To be continued.

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Welcome to Steemit!

Good to have you here Jorn. Welcome to Steemit!

Wow, sounds like you've had quite the adventures. Great work on all your research and writing. I think you have what it takes to do well on Steemit. The important thing is to keep posting (and commenting) and then share those posts with friends and family who are not yet on Steemit.

I wish you success!

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Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you. :-)
Upvoted and followed!

I hope you have lots of fun here and make many friends! :-)
Thank you for sharing! :-)

Interesting read! I can see you're new here so I am offering you my welcome. Have an upvote and keep up the good work!
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Let me welcome you to steemit mate :)


Congratulations you have introduced ourselves to us.


We have come to give your ppost appreciation.

thank you for your success

Great post. I like the "matrix of FIAT" bit. yep thats an illusion many are waking up from! eYESOPEn

BTW Your password created 5 keys for you. By default you probably logged in with the "master" key. Not a good idea as it enables access to your $$$. It's better to log in with your Private POSTING key.

Hey , how are you ?
welcome to steemit @johnvanswan
following you now. :D
follow me back pls.