Hi Everybody! Bonjour! ¡Buenos Días!

My name is John and I am a French teacher and language lover. I walk in Spanish as well...no hay camino, sino estelas en la mar...treading the moonlight on the water. By dusk and by night, I act and write, have wed a winsome Birch, she of shimmering limbs and sibilant similes, my wife for life! I am a fútbol fanático, former fencer, and love my lightening chocolate...les éclairs au chocolat. Jacques Brel is alive and well, no need to mull over Jethro Tull. All hail, and bravo to Cyrano! What is life without a dash of panache?!20914611_10214120125736259_2285420146135742806_n.jpg


Hey! Welcome to steemit community! Good luck with upcoming posts, Steem on!

Thanks for laying out the welcome mat. Gonna keep those fires stoked!

Calling @originalworks :)
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welcome bro @johndc13 im sure you will enjoy in this platform,enjoy while having income...

welcome to steemit ,I'm new too. I admire your enthusiasm for la vida!

!Muchísmias gracias! ¡Bienvdenido a tí!

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Hey, Kromosoom!

This minnow smiles thrice:):):) at your token of advice
I'll check out your post to make the most,
And shall not gloat at your kind upvote!

Nice post John. Mucha suerte en tus futuros posts.
You have my upvote, comment and follow!

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Gracias! Y mucha suerte a tí!

Welcome to Steem! great picture, look forward to more!

Thanks, I'll keep them coming!

Welcome to steemit! Love your wordplay and looking forward to seeing more from you

Thank you! The wheels they are a spinnin'!

Welcome to the community of Steemit
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, post very interesting post if you are interested and we follow to read us :D

welcome on booard , we look forward to learn some french and spanish. feel free to follow

Wilcome to steemit.. Success!!!

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Welcome to the community John.

Nice Introduction Jhon! Welcome to Steemit and Have a nice journey Here!
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Thank you!

Welcome :)!


Here a few tips for starters snce you probably won't get any advice from those who comment under here, here's what I gathered thus far.
It's tough to make money at first so if that's your main cause to be on here grind that into your head straight away, that doesn't mean you shouldn't post content, you should, but enganging with others in the comment sections to grow your following is your best bet. Which categories?

Probably the introduce yourself one and the photography section but you can choose things that you have knowledge about too and then go from there just know that there is a lot of crap on here so plowing through that just to connect with others can be tough. Cheers.

welcome my friend :)