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Bonjour, Hello, Hallo :-)

My name is Jean-Noël but my dad and my parents call me Rajiv, I am a 34 years old man based in Vienna, Austria. Born in Mauritius from a family of 10 children, I have been adopted and raised as a single child by a single philanthropist man in Waterloo, Belgium.


I love loving, people, ideas, learning, researching, coding, teamworking, cooking, creating, developing synergies and alchemy. I am acting, animating, conceiving, drawing, painting, performing, thinking too much and known to be asking always questions to everybody in order to make a decision. I also love burlesque, satire and black humor.


I am speaking fluently french, english, and I am a beginner in german.


At the moment, I am launching the Global school (http://www.globalschool.xyz) with Generation Europa (http://generationeuropa.eu), Solidarity World and Option 2.0 (http://opt2o.org) as an important step in the further implementation of the Idea Machine initiative (http://internetofideas.eu ).

I met @Nicoletta at the #HugInnVienna hosted by my good friend @Manncpt who explained me the steemit platform. With my steemit revenues I am planning to develop further the Global School and offer free workshops as well as open source courses to empower entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide.


As well as @Manncpt I am a (creative) communication strategist, working with him on a lot of different projects beside coding the engine of the Internet of Ideas network.


I am planning to post about my researches on artificial intelligence, collaboration, idea developments, but also about people I met, about adoption and about the various achievements of the global school participants, or other topics the community would appreciate to explore!


Jean N. Marteau
[email protected] || [email protected]

Social media channels:


Welcome to steemit Jean :) Looking forward to posts about the Global School, I think steemit is exactly the right platform for something like this! Gladly resteemed you :) Greets

So, hab mit dem eigenen Account auch noch etwas mit dem Voten nachgeholfen :) lg

Nice introduction on your profile! I am looking forward to cooperate with who want to achieve the same aspiration, hope to read from you soon :) Lg

I am really grateful for your early welcoming support! Preparing my next posts about the Global School and I really hope you and the community will like the projects we are working on and maybe take part in a way or in another :) As Christoph already mentionned you, I am curious to get to know you better and read your posts! Thank you again for your friendly support! Greetings

I just published a first introduction about the Global School, here's the link, hope you will like this 1st post, happy Christmas again :) https://steemit.com/life/@jnmarteau/introducing-the-globalschool-to-the-steemit-community ps: I replied to one of your article on theaustrianguy, I would be glad to help in a way or another, I love what you are doing :)

Herzlichst willkommen on the „other“ planet. Super, dass Du dabei bist! Bin schon neugierig auf deine Beiträge!

Hello @mammasitta thank you for your early support and your welcoming in this new world! Danke dir <3 Looking forward to learn german further to exchange with you in german!

Super cool introduce and nice to see you on Steemit. Have fun.

Thank you Nicoletta :) I really enjoy steemit thanks to you and Christoph!Thank you again for your early support and your nice advocacy/representation of steemit, you are making a wonderful work! TPs: I am on the point to finish my last brownie, they are fantastic <3 !

Welcome Jean! :) <3

Thank you @manncpt, steemit is a wonderful tool, thank you for the sharing <3

You are welcome! I also think that it makes sense to blog here together. ;) Let's collaborate with the community to empower blockchain based projects and raise awareness for #cryptocurrencies.

sounds like a plan! I really like it <3 Thank you :)

Looking forward to your next post! ;)

done O:-) hope you will like it ;-)

offered a warm welcome to you. keep posting cool stuff. follow me if you love to see songs lyrics videos

Hi @hussnain :) Thank you for your warm welcome and nice words it is really motivating O:) I am following you, I am curious to discover your creations! I am looking forward to read from you!

Welcome John. I'm also new to steemit, but still not sure about how to go about with my introduction. You've just given me an inspiration

Welcome @zinonweke! I am sure you will find a good way to introduce yourself :) It is definitely not easy, it is like acting in front of an audience! However, I am glad if my introduction helped, otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact me or @manncpt, Christoph is a brilliant communicator and he gaves me good advices :) Ps: You inspired me an eventual article, hope to finalize something and publish within the next days :)

Welcome to Steem @jnmarteau. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)

Hi @Kanasite, nice to meet you! Thank you for the fast warm welcoming! I really appreciate :) I am already following you and upvoted ;-)

welcome @jnmarteau ! Nice Post ! Please upvote & keep following

Hello @arvindkumar! Thank you for your Welcoming and review :) I am following you and check your content, I am looking forward to read from you!

Same here :) Where are you based @arvindkumar ?

Seems we are all from India hihihi ;-)
From which side are you? India is so big and amazing country I wish to go back there soon :)

Hallo und Willkommen Freund von Christoph :D

Viele danke @Gexi freund von Christoph O:) :D I really appreciate your funny post, hope to read more of them! Best, Jean

Nice intro post. I think you will do well here, sounds like you have a lot of interests to write about. Welcome to steemit!

Hi @road2nowhere, thank you for your interest and welcome, yes, it seems I was like a fish who tried a long time to walk on the ground, found a little water spot and discover to swim again... Thank you for contributing to this :) I am looking forward to read from you!

Welcome to steemit may you enjoy your journey here as much as you do in all the other areas of your life.

Hello @sunscape, with such warm welcome and kindness, be sure I will enjoy steemit as much as it is possible! Thank you for your generous attention! I wish you the same care O:)

Welcome to Steemit, Jean!
Congrats to this wonderful introducing post! I wish you lots of success and fun in our great Steemit-family. :)

Hi @pipurilla, thank you for your welcoming message in the steemit-family! I really appreciate and enjoy that you liked my introduction :) Thank you also for the smile and hope to share some more soon :)

Servus und hey hallo!
Auch von mir ein herzliches Willkommen!
Auch von mir n Upvote und resteem!
Austrian crew hold together ;-)
Steem on

Servus @akashas Thank you for the friendly welcoming in the Austrian crew! :D

You are welcome! Funny it’s like I would know your face :-) if you need help, let me or the others know! We will be there for you! Hugs and Steem on

Thank you again! Well, Austria is a wonderful place to meet, if we didnt met yet, I am sure we will. By the way I was on your website and I get the same impression! Hugs steem on and see you soon :)

;-) you know what .. I follow to see what you will write next! :-D

Thank you for the following, furthermore for the smile :D

It looks like you do some fascinating work! I'm all for any sort of education endeavours :) I've followed you, and I look forward to seeing your posts.

Thank you for your supportive message :) I am happy to see enthusiasm for a global approach and openess on education :) I've followed you too and I am looking forward to also read your posts :) Best and already merry christmas :)

Welcome to Steemit. I just followed you and upvoted :)

Hello @khartet, thank you for your message, following and upvote :) I hope to discover your photography and more about you! Welcome on Steemit too!

Hi and welcome!
Should you post scientific stuff (artificial intelligence qualifies^^), make sure to use the "steemstam" tag, where the scientific community dwells ;-)

Hi @sco! Thank you very much for your suggestion and involvement in how to publish scientific stuff :) I really appreciate the trick and kindness! I think I will need sometimes to get to know the platform and use it in an efficient way, please do not hesitate to give your feedbacks and guidance whenever you can, I am looking forward to read you again!

Welcome! We are neighbours — I live in South Bohemia and visit Vienna from time to time) Good luck on Steemit, and if you need help, feel free to ask!

Hi @vitkolsnik! Yes we are :D - I am living wherever my heart is, now I am here :) Thank you for your supportive message and help, yes I will come with pleasure for some guidance as I dont know at all the platform. Please do never hesitate either, the door is open and I will be glad to share if I can be a help too! Looking forward to read from you ;-)

Welcome Jean, it sounds really interesting what are you doing :) Have fun and enjoy it herr on Steemit 😊 Have a nice day! See you

Hello Marion, I am already enjoying to be on steemit thanks to wonderful messages like yours! I am looking forward to read your quotes and posts! By the way tank you for the inspiration I get as soon as I get on your page, I found some more motivation :)

Welcome on steemit. Very nice introduction and looking forward to your posts!! I am only two weeks here and its my favourite socialmedia platform already. Good success and merry x-mas

Hello :) Thank you for your nice message, I hope you will like my next posts too :) I am here for some hours only and I feel the same! The steemit community is wonderful and empowering! I wish you a merry Christmas and a great succees too, see you around

Welcome to you too @Joseph-barista! Seems we are sharing a common passion for the coffee :) I am looking forward to read from you!

Servus Jean, willkommen auf Steemit. Wenn Du Fragen zu Steemit hast, oder Dich mit anderen deutschen „Steemians“ austauschen magst, schaue einfach mal in unserem Chat vorbei: https://steemit.chat/channel/deutsch

Servus :) Danke für die Begrüßung! I hope to learn fast enough to participate actively in the chat! Thank you again or the link!

Very cool post. It is great to have you here. Are you coming to the Steemit meet up in Vienna on 21?

Thank you for your warm welcome on steemit. Yes, I will be joining on the 21st and will be organizing the workshop preparation table thanks to Nicoletta, hope to see you around :)

Welcome to the Steemit community, Jean! It is interesting to read your story and I haven‘t heard from any of the institutions that you mention. You contribute to hope for the future!

Hello, thank you for your warm welcoming Martina! I have to confess, I was little shy on this 1st post and I published a minimum about my story. However, I am really positive and open to write more about my path of learning and emancipation, as I believe, adopted, I get really priviledgied through experiences around the world and some of it could be a help for others.

It is a good thing if you didnt heard about this small institutions yet, it let me the occasion to involve you and to others here in what we are doing and maybe some will enjoy to take part to our challenges and opportunities!

Thank you again for your words, they are a real present. I really appreciate them, everybody need much more empowerement than it appears, this however look like our social conditions! Best and already happy christmas :) I am looking forward to read you again :)

Hello, dear Jean, I'm back again. In the meantime, Itook a walk and then I went through your links. I think it's wise that you gave first insights in your introduction and saved some information for later. I am highly impressed about your achievements, activities and engagement. You're making your way and to me you are one of the strong personalitites the world needs so urgently. There's nothing to add.

Dear Martina, I feel honored by the fact that you took the time to check my links as well as for your empowering words full of presence. It gives wings. So, I will share these and maybe find some others, so we can share them together too ;-) By these words, lets this exchange mark the celebration of new ideas and a serie of new achievemens in cascade together with the steemit community (this post has been in a top 10 yesterday and today 1st in the hitparade) thanks to supportive and open people like you and messages <3 Thank you

ps: in the meantime, I published a first introduction article about the Global School, I am looking forward to your feedbacks :)

Dear Jean, it is such a joy to be given the opportunity to support you a tiny little bit. On the other hand, it is good for me to experience gratefulness because it wasn't always like. Sorry to be late - Christmas Eve, you know. And now I will have a look at the article you mentioned. Merry Christmas!

Hey there! Nice to see you on the platform! I´m exited to see your next post. Steem on! and Merry Christmas.

Hey :) nice to read you here! I didnt get the chance to see you on your last visit in Vienna, I hope we will get the occasion thanks to steemit to exchange more and I will get the occasion to see you again soon :) I wish you already a happy Christmas to you and all your familly! I am also excited to read your posts ...maybe in french too if I understood well? ;-) Best from Vienna

Uhh my french is pretty basic still ;) - I am impressed already of your posts! They are very good. You will have a lot of fun and interesting conversations here! Very welcome to this platform. I put my vote for you automatically and I am looking forward to your next articles. Best wishes back! Liz

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I am blushing now, hihihi! Thank you for your support, follow up, great empowerement structure and people! I am glad to be here :)

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CU at the next Steemit Austria Meetup :))

I am looking forward to it, as well as to meet and exchange with you! You have a really interesting profile :)

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