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Hello Steemians! My name is Jarrad Levi and I'm a 34 yr old #musician/ #sculptor from #Australia.
FB_IMG_1516571674206.jpgI play in a #blues #rock #band called #iHeart with my wife. We have played a lot of great venues , met lots of nice people in #Adelaide and have had a lot of local airplay. Listen to Iron Lung Repentance by iHeart! on #SoundCloud
https://soundcloud.com/jarrad-levi/iron-lung-repentance FB_IMG_1516416384876.jpgI am learning to make hyper realistic silicone #masks.This is one of my first attempts at it and I hope to begin selling them in the future!
Click the link to see it worn here.
Thanks heaps to @benleemusic for introducing me to Steemit!
#introduceyourself #mallsballers

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Warm welcome to Steemit @jarradlevi. Music lover here. Awesome! You have a talent for sculpting too, not just with singing. You'd go far here at Steemit. Steem on!

Thanks for the kudos 😉

Hello Jarrad, fellow Aussie from Brisbane, welcome to Steemit! :)

Neat mask. Welcome! :)

Cool name, Pacific Rim is awesome.

WELCOME TO STEEMIT @Jarradlevi I also love music , when I was in junior high , My friends and I got a band and we really injoyed music together but because of to much school works we enventually broke up , @dzued

Yeah I had the same deal in school.

I guess its how it works hahahahha XD



That mask is awesome! WHat kind of guitar is that?

I had it custom built from a guitar kits usa airline resoglas kit and an eastwood airline neck. In the color scheme of a gretsch white falcon.

Welcome aboard :) check out my giveaway

Nice work. . . .welcome to steemit I look forward to seeing more of your story