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RE: My introduction - a little bit about Steemit Gecko & my aspirations on this platform

in #introduceyourself4 years ago

Steemit Controversy Gecko Welcome to the platform, you look like a competition and since you are not competing, maybe you can help out the little fishes :D I'm following you and I wish you the best in your travels , hope to beat you on poker one day and get the pot * pun intended *

Maybe we can use the lizards to combat the bots and enjoy the show.



Thank you kindly for your welcome human friend. I appreciate the follow and have followed you back. And yes indeed, I would very much enjoy a game of poker with you over which we can discuss the battle of the bots ;)

Cheers to that :D , so far I can build rafts :D all we need is a motor and some shade and the yacht is on our doorstep :)

You can build rafts! What are you waiting for? I'm just a f**ing gecko ;)