How this guy introduction post earned $300 in just 3 days? IntroduceYourself - Steemit Review

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How this guy earned $300 in just 3 days? IntroduceYourself - Steemit Review

Earlier I had plan to share my experience in an analysis but once I looked at screen, It compelled me to change the topic.

It just did not only catch my eyes but brain as well. If I comment about my experience, I would say that it was not a good one. I felt little disturbed after it and this narration in picture boosted me up to share how I feel as a steemian.

$300 Dollars Introduction

Making an introduceyourself post is an imperative tool to communicate with other steemians. It also let you make an understanding from post content that how much he / she is committed to bring value to this eco system. Now If you go and check tag "introduceyourself" in Trending , you will find a post like the one I mentioned in below picture.

Post Analysis in eyes of Steemains

Yeah it is true that this account has made a huge number of clicks and got handsome dollars in his pocket in just 03 days. Following the curiosity, if you open his post, you find an introduction post. I read whole introduction blog and moved to comments part. Some comments I am showing here belong to people who have reputation more then 50. I would like to dedicate this post to these and other steemians who are adding value to steemit by their honest opinions in comments. Thanks @yallapapi @digitalmind @dynamicgreentk @realitycartoon @simplymike @chhaylin and others for highlighting content quality.

Now if you look at the stats of post then its very healthy. 674 Upvotes, 272 comments and $305 in bank. But community response reveals that post was not having potential to be in trending.

Now when I compare the content, sentence structure, appearance, presentation of it with this introduction post , I feel that quality is only limited to white and blue steem papers. Content upvoting is not only according to the efforts put in by steemian.

What made this post shoot to sky?

I had same query till now that post content was not likely to be in Trending but somehow it got its place. And how did it happen. This account holder himself also revealed the mystery in his own words in comment section. Lets see what he has to say that

It was alllllllll Bots. If you check out account wallet stats, frequent transfers to bot can be found. Bots are getting more popularity as compared to real people. Value Addition, Steemit Slogan, is getting weaker and sooner it may die if bots dominancy would remain in steemit. Such posts visibility should be limited to this extent that it should not hurt the rightful efforts of publishers else steemit would be driving itself to the same future where once Orkut was and now Facebook is.

I personally feel that Bots are harmful for steemit because

  • Bots enjoy more dominancy over real people which doesnt support Steem ideology.
  • Quality content is compromised badly as many people are quitting it for this reason.
  • Steemit loses a great value addition in shape of quality content of which is an intangible but concrete loss of steemit.
  • Bots character must be redined to filter out impressive and quality as some steemians are already doing it.
  • It occupies a justful place of another steemian adding some value to this eco system

Which side you are on In Quality Vs Bots War ?

Check my introduction post and let me know if I have done justice to the topic.


  • I used bot once till now and that too for self-education purpose.
  • This post is not against publisher but pure intention is only to highlight the suppression of quality content.

Thanyou for heartful reading

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Bots enjoy more dominancy over real people which doesnt support Steem ideology.
It should be people who instead of people which.