Although my upvote is small I am happy to share it with you.

Thankyou for appreciation. Stay connected. Blessings...!

Thanks for the mention! Great post! Perfect introducryourself post!

This post is 200 million times better than the bangladesh guy. Know what you mean @ironclad010. The problem is both people and steemit over all. People vote for curation reward, not good content. (couldn't find your comment so I write here) upvoted this with my tiny vote ;)

Your appreciation boosted my energies. Curation reward should not be a hurdle in way of quality. Not sure when developers will take notice of it.
Your upvote and comment weight is in millions according to my understanding :)

Believe me when I say that I have tried hard since aug 2016. Motivation is up and down but I keep going. One day I'll have high steempower and then I will upvote people who deserve it 10 times a day with 100%

Wish you best of luck and I am strong supporter of you in this cause :)

You too :) I followed you. Curious of your journey. Peace my friend

You are a worthy and dedicated steemian. I will be alongside with you in this journey. Count me in your pack :)

Hey @realitycartoon and @ironclad010 just wanted to let you know it was nice to come across you today.

I'm just browsing through Steemit and will likely do my introductionpost soon. Thanks for the positive energy.

Hope your introduction rocks

Wow such a great intro post , you are a well rounded guy , my mom played guitar as well as 6 other instruments , but guitar was her favorite ! may she rest in peace ... Upped 100% although its not worth much , resteemed and followed ! Best of luck on steemit , this post really deserves more then it currently has !! Keep up the great work , im glad you mentioned it in my comments !!👍👍👍💕😀

Yeah I am a rounded guy. Did you check out my music track (remix of game of thrones, ; last of monichans and despacito).I am all happy for your kind words. Yeah I couldnt get attention but no worries soon it may get better :)
Sorry to hear about your mom. May she rest in peace

Cool Bro. Nice Introduce Yourself post. I invite you to look up mine @siroliver

Thankyou for kind words. I will check it shortly :)

hi, Rohail the traveler. it seems to be wise for me to follow you.

i love computer science too. looking forward to learning some great magical computer wizardry from you.

do post your travels too. who doesn't like traveling :D

@oliverlai Thankyou for following me. It would be nice sailing with you. I will post about travels shortly.

i haven't written my intro yet for the same reason. i've a lot about bots, self upvoting circles, whatnot...

what do you think about this in a month's study? @ironclad010

I have mixed feelings. I guess its pretty well but you dont succed if you dont have reliable circle

Welcome! I hope you enjoy Steemit! I very much enjoyed reading your intro post. "I like to be fair with people and expect the same" <-- I agree so much, life is so much simpler and better with that philosophy!

I appreciate that you have same thoughts. Thankyou for kind words about my intro.

Thankyou for appreciation. I think people dont care about this guy lol

Thanskyou @snoke. Stay connected

woah so nice post, good to know WHO, WHERE & WHAT Rohail Khan is :D

Gratitude for kind words.

welcome.. dear..hahahaa

Thankyou :)
what made you laugh? :)

Welcome to steemit my friend! You’ll enjoy the journey^^

@blascobite thankyou friend. Stay connected

Welcome on board brother!!! Enjoy yourself and have a nice time here

Thankyou @engineer-one for kind words. Stay connected

Welcome to Steemit! 👍
You got an upvote, so it would be a essential to follow this account for more upvotes in the future 👊🏼

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@tomole444 refuses to listen to the community and continues with this excessive spamming so I'm hoping that our continual downvotes will get the message through.

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Excellent intro post!

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