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Greetings Steemians!

My name is O'rie Igwe, owner of the Steemit account @igwentertainment, a multi-faceted platform that showcases my multi-faceted skills. This account -- @igwe-library -- is specifically created as a library-of-literary-contents department of @igwentertainment. Whereas @igwentertainment is a general account, @igwe-library is a departmentalized account which will feature different facets of my literary works and projects such as:

  1. Project FLAME™ (aka IGWE's Random Thoughts)
  2. ELUNCHA™ -- Mystery Chronicles
  3. ELUNCHA™ -- Missing Children (The Missing)
  4. Alternate Tales from DIOZONE™
  5. Dr Destiny™
  6. Origin of TAURATA™ -- Son of Amadioha
  7. Dreamweaver Chronicles: The Dream Child™
  8. THE GOD DQUAD™ -- Season 1: Dream Hunters
  9. ANGELBEAST™ & the Hand of God
  10. Quazar & the Blue Knight™
  11. Tough Love™: Love 101™
  12. POEMystery™
  13. Dr Watch & the Time Questers™
  14. Lord ZZorqq & the Freetimers™
  15. Star Quest™
  16. Time Quest™
  17. Alternate Quest™
  18. Quantum Quest™
  19. TELE-TRAV™: The Quantra Saga™
  20. TRANSCENDoor™
  21. StillFlow™: Where Stillness Flows...™
  22. PRE-COG™: Anciently Futuristic™
  23. U-GENE™
  24. Agent Code-O™ -- Double Agent
  25. Bullet Benders
  26. Life Limited
    And much more...

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I'll do my very best to keep up with the hectic demands of all these subjects. It's going to be tasking. I know. But it will equally be exciting seeing what my Muse will inspire as I put my mind to work.

Thank you for reading my intro-post. I appreciate your dropping by. See you next post!

Welcome to...
igwe library.gif

Blessings Be!


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Welcome to the community... great post... have fun… !!!

Thanks for the support, @wilku... I followed you, by the way...

Welcome to Steem @igwe-library.

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All the Best!!!

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welcome to steemit igwe. good luck and have a great prosperity

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