What are Whales , Dolphins and Minows on Steemit ? Must Know To Grow on Steemit

Dear friends and steemains to become success and grow fast on steemit you should understand better the steemit first.it's tools, Rules,How it works etc. if you don't know better about steemit you will make mistakes and you will go down insted of going up, that's
why i am studing daily steemit from my first day of steemit journey and writting blogs about steemit to know my self and help other new uers like me, so i wrote today a blog according to this. i wrote still
some blogs you can read them to understand better the steemit then you can start your steemit long and hard journey with light in night. I will write some more about steemit so wait for them. I hope they will really help you.



Whales are those users of steemit who have huge amount of steem power and have high reputation . They are like king , in chief , commanders . they have invested huge amount of steem in steemit. their single vote can give you many dollor and increase fast your reputation, but getting an upvote by a whale is so hard.
A Whale has 10000 steem power or more.



Dolphins are those who have medium amount of steem power and have medium reputation .they have invested some amount of steem in steemit or made the amount by blogs. their vote can give you some cents and increase your reputation to some extend. getting an upvote by a dolphin is not hard like a whale , it is easy to get upvotes by dolphins.
They are like Generals , Officers.
A Dolphin has 2500 steem poer or more.


images (9).jpg

Minows are those users who have small amount of steem power and have low reputation.they are like Soldiers.they have all so some value on steemit but they need a lot of hard work. New user of steemit are minnows.Minnows need at least 1000 steem power to become A Dolphin so they can invest or work hard to earn . I suggest to do both . I am trying both. After being a dolphin you can start your journey to become a whale .


Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows exist in every financial market. If whales make a big sell order, they can crash the whole markets with small caps and if they buy, everyone makes money.
According to status , 70% of steemit users are minnows , 20% are dolphins and 10% are whales.

1.Minnows should support Minnows to become dolphin
Minows + Minows = Dolphin

2.Dolphins should support minnows s to become Dolphins
Dolphins support Minows = Dolphins

  1. Dolphins should support Dolphins to become whales
    Dolphins + Dolphins = Whales

4.Whales and Dolphins should support dolphins to become Whales
Whales + Dolphins + Minnows = Whales

                   We should support each other 

I hope it will help you in your steemit journey. let me know in the comment if you know something about them and share your opinion to help each other.
Please Resteem it if you found it useful to help others.


Thank you, I'm new here and it is my very first comment on steemit. This blog is helping me understand the forum better. :)

welcome to steemit bro. you can read my other blogs about steemit to know better the steemit before doing work on it.

@iftikharali thanks for such a basic knowledge.we all minnows and dolphins have to work hard to become wahle ,why don't we create a community?

thank a lots. you can read my other blogs about steemit. you talked about community , i am agree with you we should create a strong and active community to help and support each other to grow fast on steemit, one man is nothing, unity is the power but remember we should be sincere with each other being selfish will make us failed.

Hey i new on steemit i don't have reputation like you i am still on 25 you have power . just tell me what to do

my friend it needs some details i will try my best to make a good blog how to increase your reputation along with that i am trying to create a strong and active community as you suggested to support each other, but it will take some time so wait for that and keep in touch.
Take care

Thank you sir

Thank you for this post..its a nice read for new users like me...

thanks. keep reading my upcoming blogs

I will..Thanks for sharing...

Really helpful.
Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for resteeming. appreciate it.

You are welcome boss

Ya getting upvotes from a whale is so hard as you are saying, kinda steem gods, if there choose to bless you with upvotes, you will testify

Waoh, it's a nice and helpful post for new timers like me. But from the look of things getting to a dolphin is going to be endless struggle.

no bro , it's to easy just need work hard and to be regularly.

Soy nueva y me has ayudado a entender un poco como funciona steemit. ¡Gracias!

you are welcome

Yes we needs to understand first

yes..understanding the platform and how it works is very important..

Welcome to Steem @iftikharali.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Welcome to Steem, @iftikharali!

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