moin, moin or hello steemians!

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This is my first post on steemit. I am the Hennifant, it's a kind of wordplay... but my english skills are to bad to explain it properly. But who actually cares about names!?

I was born as Henning near the North Coast of Germany, in a little town called Jever. You perhaps know the beer ;)

One of my hobbies, i like to introduce to you, is painting/sketching with paint. My pen is a simple usb mouse :D
I enjoy the simplicity of paint, the contours and it helps me to find my inner middle. But i have to confess that i struggle with finishing my works, not to speak of coloring them.

First i started with portraits like this:


It is actually one of my first work :D i guess some of you know Mr. T, one of my childhood heroes.

But i also sketch animals, cars, buildings and strange things. Here are a few of my works, i hope you enjoy it! :)


I like cats :D the size does not matter...


This is one of my best friends in his beloved car.



A collection of portraits drawn by me. As you can see i have a faible for famous or historical persons.

My next project is pixelart. Here is a first try...


I'll keep you informed!

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Like the Bayern Players :) How long does it take you to draw one of them? Greets :)


Thank you, I appreciate it :) It takes up 3-4 hours to draw one of them.

Ohh Henni, ich wusste garnicht, dass du künstlerisch so aktiv unterwegs bist. Gefällt mir sehr gut was du da machst, bin gespannt auf weiteres! Viel Erfolg hier :)


Dankeschön! :)

Hello welcome to steemit ☺️ it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Also get to know more about Steem reading the Steem Blue Paper and share your feedback on our Steem Blue Paper Awareness Initiative
All the Best!!!

Hi @hennifant ! Great post, i like it, i just upvoted it ! PS: you may like to follow me ... @legsnheels

Hello And Welcome To Steemit! I love Mr. T!

It is a platform like none other. You can get to know people from all over the world. If you continue to post great informative content you will grow a following in no time!

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Best Of Luck!
Spencer Coffman
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Thank you very much :)

Awesome! Would be great to see more of the process!

Yes, I love Jever :)

Welcome to Steemit.

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Hallo @hennifant, herzlich willkommen auf Steemit.

Wenn Du Fragen zu Steemit hast, oder Dich mit anderen deutschen „Steemians“ austauschen magst, schau einfach mal auf unserem Discord-Server vorbei.

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