Introducing Helpmate - A Subscription-Based Daily Upvote Service for the Lifetime of your Quality Content

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Welcome to HelpMate, A subscription-based daily upvote service for the lifetime of your quality content. This service has been designed for the steemians to appreciate their efforts by upvotng their Quality Content.

It will provide a helping hand to the steemians to increase their rewards by

  • Purchasing Shares
  • Holding SIT(Steem Income Tokens)
  • Delegating Steem Power
  • Sponsoring HelpMate into your @steembasicincome's Share


How to Get Shares?

In the initial stage of HelpMate, We're going to provide different ways to get benefit from @helpmate.

1. Purchase Shares

Get daily upvote on your quality content by purchasing shares in @helpmate. We've set the price of per share at 1 Steem which will provide you a daily upvote of worth $0.002 on your latest post. If you sponsor a fellow member in your share you and your sponsored member will get a daily $0.001 worth upvote on your post. (Special Offer for our First 50 Customers who Purchase Share in helpmate they will get $0.002 worth upvote on their posts and $0.001 worth upvote on their sponsored member's post)

2. Hold SIT (Steem Income Token) Get Upvote:

Instead of Steem, you can purchase share through SIT (Steem Income Token) these tokens are available on Steem-Engine( Every 100 Tokens are equal to 1 share which allows you to get a daily upvote of worth $0.002 on your post till you hold these tokens. We've set the price of per token at 0.02 steem-peg. These Tokens are tradable and transferable which means you can cancel and transfer your share at any time. We'll use website to keep tracking our token holders.

3. Delegate your Steem Power:

Every 10 SP you'll delegate to @helpmate will provide you a daily upvote of worth $0.002 on your latest post. Sponsorship is not allowed on delegation. We will increase rewards in the future when we will get enough steem power. Every 10 SP Delegation will give you a weekly extra reward of 2 SIT (Steem Income Token).

4. SBI Sponsored Share:

We are starting a new service in which you can get a daily upvote of worth $0.001 on your post for the lifetime by sponsoring helpmate into your @steembasicincome's share (Per user only five shares allowed at the moment we will increase it in the future).

How to Start?


It's Pretty Simple!!! Just send 1 Steem to @helpmate and start receiving upvote on your post after registration of your share. Every single steem you'll send to @helpmate is equal to a daily upvote of worth $0.002. In the initial stage of HelpMate, we are limited to handle 10 shares at once. We'll increase the limit by the time when we'll get more power or more users.

If you want to sponsor a fellow member in the service then mention his name in the transaction memo. After registration, you and your sponsored member will start receiving upvote of worth $0.001 on their Posts.

It takes 24 hours for registering a member of our service. After registration, you'll receive a transaction of $0.001 with a memo of your shares' acceptions. The Registration process is slow because it's a manual process.

How We'll Manage Shares?

When we receive a transaction for a share registration, We'll save or update it in our member's data list, Then quickly run a function that will shoot out the percentage that we upvote it, and it goes straight into Steemauto. We're using @steemauto's website to keep upvoting our member's posts.

Voting Value at Current

1 share will be approximately $.002 per day. This will change as steem price changes as the % is tied to only our sp amount and not the steem value.

Extra Benefits of HM Shares:

We've Staked some Different types of Steem-Engine Tokens for curating the different SCOT Tribe to give an extra reward to our Members who are HM Share Holders.
You can get extra rewards of:

Example/ Benefits of an HM Shares

One HM Share is equal to $0.002 Worth Daily Upvote on your latest Post with an extra reward of Sports, Marlians, Actnearn, Creative and Lifestyle Tokens.


Who is Behind @helpmate?

I am @earnlogy who started @steemincome but now I transferred all of the SteemIncome's Services into the HelpMate. Because most of the users blamed us that we are copying SteemBasicIncome, but actually We got this idea when @incinboost stopped his services. Maybe I can say that I am following IncinBoost's Idea but most of the other services I added with my own thought.

Need More Information:

Join Us on our Discord Server



Your launch materials very prominently feature the logos of SBI and SIT. As you do not have a prior arrangement for commercial use of our logo, can you please rework the launch material? If you do not have an official arrangement with SIT, you should remove both logos.

We make our logo freely available for contest hosts and for review or tutorial posts about SBI, but a daily upvote service would not fit any of these categories. We cannot allow use of our logo to confuse people into believing there is an official partnership with SBI that is more formal than subscribing to our service like any other account.

Thank you!

Oh yay more ponzi autovotes instead of actual curation. Awesome.

This is like something Help me to help you! Nice to see such services and incentives in the space to promote steemians and another way to boost their presence in the space and make us of this smart tokens.

Very interesting program. I want to join

Thank You and Most Welcome.
😊 😊 😊

Interesting service. You mentioned that you will only handle 10 shares for the initial stage, does it mean I can only delegate 100SP for a start?

Yup Buddy! At the moment we're limited to 10 Share but at the end of this month we'll estimate our required SP and then increase our Share limit.

Thanks for the info. 1 more question. What happens if I do not post daily? Will the daily upvotes be accumulated and cast on my most recent post? e.g. if I post once every 3 days, will I be getting $0.006 upvote per share on my post?

No! As I already said in the post we are using steem auto for upvoting posts so there is none of option available right now. We can do that by manual curation.

We can do that by manual curation.

Yes you can but will you?

Yes lets see someone do automated on chain smart contract upvoting maybe controlled by an EOS smart contract that automatically sends an upvote with a steem posting key

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..will follow you to see how it goes..up..

Welcome to steemit @helpmate.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

..thank you for this post..will follow you and check it again..up..

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