Wazuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup! It's Aaron.



How you doin?

It's Aaron here and I wanted to introduce myself to the Steemit community (Steemians!).


I am half Fiji-Indian and half Cuban and Costa Rican born in Auckland, New Zealand. (A US birth abroad, 'Merica)


My folks worked in the Foreign Service. (Explains the whole Auckland thing) and we grew up living abroad (Pakistan, Thailand and The Philippines) for around 7 years and then came back to the US (Wheaton, MD) for High School.

For college, I went to Raleigh, NC to North Carolina State University where I studied Business Management - Marketing. Good ol' North Cackylacky.



Wut? wut.gif

My Crypto Journey

Ok sooooo, how does Crypto fit in?! Well, I will detail this more in a separate article on My Crypto Journey. However, I discovered Crypto in 2013 in Raleigh, NC. I had been dabbling in mining Dogecoin (LOL) and Bitcoin as well with ASIC Ant miners. But let's be honest I had no idea what I was doing and no real direction.

I also got involved in the Triangle Bitcoin Meetup where I met a bunch of cool Bitcoiners including the pretty famous programmer Jameson Lopp

More on this in My Bitcoin Journey article (soon) but around this time I left the east coast and drove out West to Los Angeles.

Let's go to California!







Sweet I'm here!


^It was like that right? Welllllll, not quite. (I will create a separate article with more on this place under my Culture Check series coming soon)

After arriving in Los Angeles I tried a bunch of different shit, initially did some odd jobs with family members, then did deliveries and then even tried selling solar (hated it LOL).

Finally, I found my first catalyst which was doing business development and content marketing for a Silicon Valley IT company called Network Remedy.


For them I helped build a blog and a podcast show called "The Cloud" as well as various content strategies including social media management. In addition, I spoke on their behalf at different conferences like MSPWorld (an IT industry conference).

Over time I've realized how much I liked just focusing on the creative process and producing content. Although, management is definitely needed with such a role, it's more built into the creative process.

I also want to note that the time I left NC and came to Los Angeles had a pretty long Crypto Dark Ages where I didn't really follow the market or make it a priority in any way.


All good I made it back!



Now, I'm doing business development, content development and other growth oriented functions at CoinStructive, a boutique Bitcoin and Blockchain Cryptocurrency firm.

I am also writing long-form content for CoinCentral on various Cryptocurrencies, their team and technology behind them.

EXCITEDddddd to dig into this Cryptocontentverse adventure, documenting and sharing it all. Especially looking forward to seeing all these exciting platforms emerging (like this one, Steemit).

Thus begins, Aaron's Adventures!

Happy Cryptoing!


The Twitters
My LinkedInage
Aaron's Adventures Blog (coming soon)

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