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I hate that I haven't already been writing articles and thought pieces throughout the summer. I've been hoping for some time now to start posting weekly articles on a website, either just to have a nice portfolio and something to try to stay consistent with or to actually build a gradually growing following. I have had extensive experience using Twitter and Tumblr in the past, mostly to explore and write about topics that I've been passionate about for some time now. Admittedly I have stopped using Tumblr since before yahoo bought it, and deleted my Twitter roughly a year ago (started a new twitter though to follow news!) and have since been searching for something like it with longer-form posts. Medium was pretty cool but I found it to be quite plagued with problems not unlike Steemit (no offence<3) where certain whales would pretty much dominate the trending or anything you would find on your feed. I haven't really decided how I feel about Steemit's system where a whale's vote is more significant than, say, a new user's vote as I feel it's a bit different over here but no doubt I'll elaborate on my thoughts on it later on.

My initial thoughts upon first discovering steemit were all positive, and mostly centered around its main concept of using a blockchain currency to vote on and reward high quality content. Dope. For one thing, I can say this definitely provides some extra incentive to write more.

I also really love the extensive range of topics available - being a young student naturally I'm drawn to a diverse amount of subjects, which are as follows: BTC and Cryptocurrency, Renewable Energies like Solar and Wind, Organic Farming/Permaculture and Aquaponics, Food and Water Security and Development, Political Science more from a civil relations kind of aspect - things like protest movements and gov't response, social and public policies, urban planning, class relations/struggle, Corporate Responsibility and what seems like the impossible task of finding transparency and authenticity in a big company in 2016. I'm also heading into my second year of a bachelor's degree in Environment and Resource Sustainability with hopes to either minor in Environmental Economics, Political Science or International Relations. Also a big lover of painting and reading when I can find the time.

I'm sure you all know what I was leading up to: hopefully I'll start regularly contributing to the steemit economy through commentary and encouragement, glorious upvotes (#makemeawhale2016), and my very best attempt at thoughtful, well-researched and interesting pieces. Here's to always wishing I had more time in a day, let's see if I can't wrangle down an actual article within the end of this week. My first few posts might be considered a bit more fringe here on what seems to be ancap heaven, but I hope to be well worth your votes in the future!

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Its great isnt it ? Steemit. Welcome!!! and Steem ON


Steem on capt salutes

Thanks for the post, and welcome to Steemit. Vince


Thanks vince hope to see you around :)

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