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RE: Meet Steemit, Inc.’s New Managing Director

Great to get to know you some here as many of us didn't attend Steemfest or other meetups. Hoping we'll hear a lot more from you, both on the personal and the professional front.

A few questions for you when you get the time:

  • What do you feel will be your biggest challenges executing the current roadmap?

  • Will you be taking on the responsibility for overseeing the management of Steemit Inc's (powered down) funds, holdings, accounts and property?

  • Do you think you can touch on what management approach you're planning to use to bridge the communication and collaboration gap between Steemit Inc and witnesses/developers?

  • Lastly, will you be re-evaluating the current Steemit Inc's budget/overall plan in terms of the priorities that are set for marketing, exchange listing, and general promotion of the tokens?


Good set of questions. Waiting for the answers too.

She doesn't have enough RC credits. :)

One would hope some of the ninja mined can be delegated to her...just enough to make few comments a day. .

I’m going to go ahead and assume that she is a bit overwhelmed and realizing she has thousands of informed steemians that are possibly more capable than she is to answer to... Its one of those jobs I cannot imagine anyone here would really take unless of course it pays in SMTs 🤪✌🏽🎣

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Thanks for questions. I answered these yesterday during the State of Steem weekly show.

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