Introducing @greatdabu; Hit Songwriter, Musician, Sound Engineer/Producer and Sound Poem Maker

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My name is Dana B .... @greatdabu.   I’m very excited to be with ya'll here on Steemit. Not only will I be sharing my latest musical creations here, my future Steemit posts will expand on my many years of creative experiences —— this old Steemer gots some good stories ! 

I co-own a recording studio in Minneapolis, MN.  We operate out of an incredible 115 year old Victorian 3-story home. Our family bought this way back in 1984 —— and we transformed it into a studio business and a rooming house for musicians and artists.  Somehow we've kept this creative habitat going for over 30 years!  

I was introduced to Steemit by my nephew @Mada, a brilliant artist and writer, who’s been living here and helping us keep the place going for quite some time. 

Over the years, I’ve played in more than a few original bands, written many many songs and recorded for numerous musical projects.  In addition to writing lyrics and playing keyboards, I taught myself this crazy new digital language called MIDI, and learned all about sampling, sequencing, and synthesis This blew my creative opportunities wide open.

In the early 90's,  I was quite fortunate to be hired as Prince’s keyboard tech, and traveled around the world on his “Diamonds and Pearls” tour. We played to huge crowds all over western Europe, Japan, and Australia. 

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As if that wasn't thrilling enough, during that time I was introduced to the amazingly talented Rosie Gaines, who was singing and playing keyboards in Prince’s band as a member of the New Power Generation. We hit it off right away, and I started co-writing songs with Rosie and (her then husband) Francis Jules. Ultimately (long story short) this lead to us recording an album for Motown.

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Then,  Lo and Behold, a dance remix of the title track of that album “Closer than Close” became a huge hit in the U.K. in the mid-nineties. I definitely didn't see that coming ....

Very much fun and huge excitements!!     But  .... there's also been plenty of hard knocks and all kinds of interesting stories to go along with these brief highlights of bygone days.   So for right now .....  I’m still in Minneapolis.   Still a sound engineer.   Still writing lyrics and poetry.   Still composing music.   And now I'm blogging on Steemit !  Yay!

Lately my highest excitement has been writing in a new style I’m calling “Sound Poems”.  I've got about a dozen of them in the works. I beleive Steemit is a great platform for releasing them.  Plenty of poetry and music love here!  

This first sound poem is about an earthling who makes contact with the aliens who hybridized the human race So Many Eons Ago....  it's called       “e Vo Lu TiNg”      I just finished the video and will keep it unlisted for a few days to make it a Steemit Exclusive Release!

So many thanks for reading and listening. I’m totally psyched about getting involved with this super creative crypto-financed social network.  I'm definitely open to collaborating with with other Steemit poets and musicians. 

I’ve been glued to Steemit since the first time I seen it.   Write On!

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You have a real wealth of experiences! Evoluting made me remember music from the Firesign Theatre way back in the 60s'. Yours is very creative, at least to my tin ear. Keep truckin', Bro!

Wow! I used to listen to Firesign Theatre back in the 70's .
Trippy stuff :) Thanks so much for your comment, it means alot to me.

Here's my latest sound poem. It's quite different from this one. Much mellower :) I'm curious what you think :)

Welcome to Steemit. Yeah, @mada single handedly got an army of us to the site in record time. Currently obsessed, but having a renaissance of creativity. Followed. Can't wait to hear some of these stories on the road with Prince and Rosie Gaines.

Fer sure, a new constructive obsession for me as well. I haven't been this creatively jazzed up in quite some time. I'm definitely loving it around here. And yes, the stories are on the way! Also big congrats on your success here so far. Very deserving!

@greatdabu What an incredible life journey and adventure you are on. Long may it continue! I look forward to reading and hearing more about it :)

@davidbrogan thanks much for the article in today's Steem Talk Steemit Community Daily News RoundUp. Honored to be there!

You really deserve more recognition and a much wider audience on Steemit and beyond. If I can help in any small way with that, the honor is all mine :)

I love that you've managed to keep the house going as a studio and boarding place for musicians and creatives, you don't hear much about that anymore.

I've never heard of Sound Poems, but that was pretty wicked, almost like electronica jazz/spoken word. I'm digging it, and if you love collaboration, you're in the right place :)

Welcome to the community, I look forward to hearing more from you!

Big thanks! Yes, somehow we've kept this creative joint rolling for all these years. I'll be posting more about it in the near future here on Steemit.

I'm very glad you like the Sound Poem art form. You're witnessing the birth of it right now on Steemit! I'd love to get other poets, composers, and vid artists involved.

I've just completed the video for the 2nd one (ZoomZoom&ZoomZoom), and finished mixing the music for the 3rd one (WithTheFlow) today. Stay Tuned !

I can imagine that little hybrid humanoid and alien dude chatting away..... and evoluting as the conversation takes place :) great video, sound, colors and sound-poem song story ditty! LOVE IT @greatDabu! Fun. I am new here intro coming soon! See you around steemit..... Welcome and do post another video soon, I am excited to see another sound-poem and a 'geezer story' too! write-on.

Thank you so much! I'll be following your posts ...........

Cool Content
Cool post
I followed You
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And Happy Steeming

Thanks much! and Happy Steeming to you as well anns :)

welcome to steemit :)

Thanks allmonitors. I'm really enjoying Steemit !