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My name is Glory Stephen . I am a student of university of uyo. Presently studying philosophy, and i'm falling in love with the course now because that wasn't my first choice. I planned on studying communication art but i wasn't offered admission.
That is a picture of my school

I am dark in complexion, i am so proud of my skin color. I have a pointed nose and love singing
My photos

So let me go back to the main purpose of this post
I joined steemit this month and i was just a novice when it comes to steemit . someone told me about it i said i just have to try my luck too. I registered, and started posting i never knew that the first post was to introduced myself and i posted more of pictures and so on. When i posted i checked if anybody has upvote my post , but hell no i was left with just my upvote, and i became discouraged.
I have to call the girl that introduced me to it and she was like, did you introduced ypurself? And i said no
She told me to introduced myself
I did just like she said and she didn't tell me what to do next i was really angry
I introduced myself and had only 6 upvote, i became discouraged and really angry . i said to myself that steemit wasn't for me
I chatted her up again and explain things to her and i begged her to go to my wall and check if i'm getting it and her reply was that its not really bad . I gave up and said to mysef " its better i right to other blog than to waste my time here" i was really angry that morning because i wasn' t getting any upvote on my post and i asked myself if people don't see my post?
I decided to pay my friend a visit in the hostel and i met a girl that came to visit her too. She was talking about steemit and i never wanted to pay attention to her because i lost hope already due to the first person that introduced me to . My friend told her about my story that im on it already but wasn't getting any upvote . She asked me to show her my account which i did and she went through what i posted and said that my post wasn't captivating . she told me lot of things about it and promised to help me all through . she made me to love steemit so dearly . There is no day i don't post on steemit even though i don't get upvote from people , i remember the girls words and this has served as my source of encouragement.

Photos of the lady that encouraged me. Worthy to be call a friend

I love steemit so much just because of her
Please you guys should also encourage me too
Please upvote on my post
Please upvote .

Steemit * love * my life * introducing myself*

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Hey 😀🙌 welcome to steemit! Enjoy your steemit journey

You can follow my blog @jofomaja on how to do creative marketing even here on steemit

I promise I won’t waste your time.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Thanks dear

Hey @glorystephen, first of all welcome to steemit. I enjoy your sincere self intro and have upvoted it. I joined steemit for about a month as well and my first post only got 4 upvotes. My point is do not get dejected. Continue to post good content and I think you will be able to grow together with the community.

I am part of the #newbieresteemday initiative (you can refer to this post here for more information. I hope to help fellow newbies as much as possible through this initiative and I have resteemed your post. Have fun and Steem on!

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Sure you have to be proud of yourself

hello welcome to steemit, I wish you much success on this platform. It is impressive to see how you can establish relationships with people from other countries. regards, I'm following you