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We’re Gloriouskids Academy.

A school found on love for humanity especially for the less privileged of our society.

We’re here because we believe that blockchain will help in solving many problems facing our society especially those that effects our children.

About the Proprietress.

My name is ebunoha justina. I am the propretress of Glorious Kids Academy aka @gloriouskids on Steem Network . I was born in 1964 in the family of Wilfred O. I attended primary school at Nike primary school and my secondary school at Girls High school Awkunanaw.
As money to further my education was not available, I decided to marry to Mr Crescent E. who promised to send me to any level in my education career. As we started to live, God blessed us with five children, three boys and two girls. After that my husband decided that I should further my education. I entered Teachers training colledge. As I was taking my final Exam, my husband left us and all our dreams and died. That became the end of discussion for me as I couldn’t continue with my education but I managed to do my N.C.E and used it to teach in private schools.


During my public service as a teacher, I observed that many children are being dropped out from school due to lack of support from government, and this ugly situation affects the low class citizens. Having tasted what it feels to have ones dream shattered, and seeing that my surroundings aren’t doing much to salvage such situation, I decided to open a school where there’ll be opportunity for these beautiful children who also should have full right to education and good living.

My main purpose of opening a school is to train up children academically, with the fear of God, and love for humanity


  1. To help the less privilledge because I have experienced such situation once.

  2. To help the orphans because it is not easy to for me to train my children as now a widow.

  3. To help in the kingdom work, there is God who I believe that he want the best for humankind.

  1. To build up children who are leaders of today and aspirant leaders of tomorrow, through their conduct , behavior and moral ethics in the society.


  1. To build up children who are skillful in any fact of life , and to guide and empower them to use it for the betterment of the society.
  1. To help children who finds it very difficulty to read , write and comprehend easily and make sure that due measures are taken into consideration to make them become the best that they should be.
  1. To engage these children to blockchain technology at this earliest stage of their learning period.


Gallery of our recent excursion on April 2019.


We live in such environment where only rich parents are the ones that has access to good education for their children, out government aren’t helping matters as they should, therefore some of us (individuals)who understand human values are taking it upon ourselves to extend help to the vulnerable and poor families who can not afford those luxurious education system in place.

We make sure that our students don’t feel denied of any opportunity that a child should get, we take them from time to time on excursions so that they can interact with other students and learn around their environment.



These are some of my teachers that I also placed on salaries for the sake of @gloriouskids.



In Conclusion

Our roadmap on blockchain is vast, but this being our introductory article, we may not be able to outline all our vision in this singular write up, but from now onwards, we’ll continually put up our blog posts in which we’ll be taking it a step after another on our vision in talking up blockchain and decentralized approach in tackling problems facing African children which our centralized system of government ha neglected for decades.

We truly believe that we can get all the support and cooperation that we may need from you.

Please help us resteem to reach to all steemians.



What a beautiful project, greetings to all those Nigerian children, thanks for the greeting @sc-v, and welcome to Steemchurch.

Thanks 🙏🏽 huge @sc-v, we love Venezuela 🇻🇪 and always pray for those innocent children facing many challenges that they knew nothing about.

We are glad to welcome you @gloriouskids to the Steem blockchain, steemchurch and Telos village. We are happy that your children are already learning about the blockchain technology, we will also love to have them all in our Telos village.

There are still many Beatitude Hearts to give out.



We feels at home with @steemchurch, thanks for the overwhelming welcome and support.

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Ok, we’re here to learn, we’re are sure that your suggestions will be helpful.

Thanks for your outstanding support @sniffnscurry. Your advice is taking, I’ll see how to connect with @sirknight, maybe my referrer @maxdevalue could help me here.

Welcome to stemit glorious kids

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Thanks a lot for your warm welcome! It’s really nice here!

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We’re really witnessing amazing things here, your report is accurate!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Thanks too for that information; Since Partiko is officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem, it means that we’ll give it a try.

Welcome gloriuoskids to Steemit, we wish you best of luck and hopefully you receive necessary helps and support from here. you can follow me so I can be seeing your post.

Thanks a million times! Yes we believe that Steem community will give us their best support here.

Welcome gloriouskids!
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This application looks great and interesting. We’ll check it out too. Thanks for the suggestion.

WElcome to Steem network @Gloriouskids. It is an amazing stride you are taking. Steemchurch will be glad to have you and the pupils on Telos. Please tell us your location, so that A @Steemchurch representative can follow you up.

God bless you.

OMG 😯, what a family! Thanks 🙏🏽 a lot @evegrace. Southeast Nigeria 🇳🇬 is our base, Enugu State precisely. We’ll be glad to welcome delegates from @steemchurch.

Welcome! I'm looking forward to reading about your progress here on Steem.

Sure! We have in mind sharing our activities here, the children need your support please!

Dear @gloriouskids,

Welcome to the community! You made an awesome start here, I like your intro and so you have my support. Please keep sharing great contents that you feel passionate about.

We are looking forward to learn more about your visions and how you progress with the help of the steem community.

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What an excitement! We’re very grateful that our introduction made meaning to steem community. Thanks for your support and your promise to continue supporting us.

You're welcome @gloriouskids, In addition, you may want to check on @fundition for your crowdfunding in the future❤️

Okay 👌
That sounds interesting!

Wow....this is really awesome, welcome and more wins to @gloriouskids here on steem

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Amen to such lovely wishes! The children are happy and they will be involved in everything that we’ll be doing here!

The future of those innocent children are so bright, I envision some becoming great programmers and devs in non distant future seeing that you’re about exposing them early to blockchain technology and innovations.

Keep the good faith, you’re already doing great by helping your society. For the kids, we’re here to support them, Steem community is awesome, they love seeing children around.

Your introduction is wonderful which I’ll love to see such arsenal in your subsequent posts.

Welcome to Steem,
Welcome to steemchurch,
Welcome to steemit,
Welcome to blockchain world @gloriouskids

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This is wonderful. Welcome to the Steemit family

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Thank you @chiama, we’re glad with the experience so far.

Hello @gloriouskids

Welcome to Steemit & Wish you luck - success with Steemit!

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