Celebrating 1000+ followers, THANK YOU! Here are 10 things you probably didn’t knew about me...

1000 followers now, wow! Could not imagine that when I started blogging here in June 2016. I am so grateful.

And I am curious! Some of you I have got to know a bit better here on Steemit, but I want to get to know all of you better.

It would be so fun if you made a comment, anything about you! A talent, your favorite dish, how you found Steemit, where you come from, a fun fact - anything about you!

Here are 10 things you probably do not know about me:

  • I am building a large underground hydroponic farm in a mountain.
  • I sleep without a pillow.
  • I eat chocolate everyday, but have not eaten sugar for more than a year.
  • I have worked for H&M as a manikin they sewed their swimwear on. I have also built trucks in a factory.
  • I almost broke the world record in water fighting.
  • I am a highly sensitive person.
  • I have got a fracture on my nose two times while I was dancing.
  • I have siblings 15 years younger than me.
  • My best trip was to India.
  • I have threw frisbee with panpizzas from the roof of the town hall.

Now I want to know more about you! :D

Maybe a chance for all of us to find new exciting profiles to follow?



Congratulations, well done

congrats on 1000 followers! thats awesome :)

Thank you so much!! :D

world record in water fighting?! hahaha!

At least it became the biggest one in Sweden with a couple of thousand participants including the fire brigade haha ;)

Hii! Always so happy to hear from you!! :D <3

Wait, what?

I have threw frisbee with panpizzas from the roof of the town hall.

Explain please :D...

I bought a lot of pizzas with some friends, somehow got access to the roof of the town hall and could not resist the oppurtunity to let the pizzas fly when I saw the view ;D

Cool... this very good :) And soon you have 2000 :)

Thank you so much! That would be amazing :D Hope everything is fine with you!!

Thank you!! I try every day like we all here :) And how is your day ? :))

It has been a nice day, for you? Soon I will go out for a short run in the rain :D

I hope :))

Congrats. I wonder what purpose has

I sleep without a pillow

When I think about health, I usually try to look at things from evolutionary perspective meaning that what we have been doing for thousands of years is best. Medieval people usually slept in sitting-like position.
To also answer the last question, I am a blogger joining in December, who writes mostly about politics and health, but also psychology, strategy, sports.

The only reason is that I think it is more comfortable. But as you say, we have slept without pillows for the majority of the history of the mankind with no problem :) Ah interesting with the medieval people - I had no idea!

And interesting topics you write about, I will check out your blog and follow you :D

Want to visit Singapore some day, seems like a cool place! Let me now if you ever visit Sweden and I will show you around in Stockholm :D

It's a long way but nothing is impossible.
If you come Singapore, let me know too.

India seems interesting and I have a garden too and love mountains and love chocolate and frisbees are fun hehe. Good work with 1K.

Yes it really was, I want to explore more of India! Have you been there?
So nice with the garden, what do you grow? Hehe yeah chocolate, frisbees and mountains are awesome :D
Thank you so much!!

I like your name here, Give Me Your Steem, hehe. I will give you much more than that. I'll give you my heart. In the garden, there is some tomatoes, strawberries, herbs. But no chocolate haha. Sad face. Thanks for asking.

Nice! congrets, just posted about me reaching 1000 to! our account are very similair that way.
Keep up the hard work

Thank you so much - and congrats to you! Great job!! :D

Can I just say how much I love your username. Lmao.

Haha thank you, I'm glad you like it ;D

Yes they can really do so! :)

That took so long. 2016? Notheless congratulations beautiful.

I started blogging really intense in 2016, hosted some challenges etc and then took a break for almost a year. But I missed Steemit and got back on track :) Thank you so much dear! <3

So great to have you back then :)
I started blogging in here like 3weeks now , loving the experience so far :)
If you need an accountability partner to keep you steady count me in .

congratulations! you really need hard work to achieve such thing!

Thank you Chloe! :D

Yeah cool! We would want to know you too

welcome givemeyoursteem! Glad to see your here

I have been around for a while, but thank you ;)

i hope you will enjoy steem plateform

Thank you, I have enjoyed it a lot the last 2 years :)

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