What's up Steemit people, I'm Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni from the Monero Project

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Hi! I'm Riccardo, although you may know me as fluffypony (or fluffyponyza on Twitter and on Reddit). I'm one of the Monero Core Team members, who are stewards of the Monero project.

This is me

To verify that this is really me, I've linked to this post on my Twitter account. This saves me the hassle of having to write "what's up Steemit people" on a piece of paper and take a picture, especially because I'm totally having a bad hair day (kidding).

I live in Plettenberg Bay, a gorgeous little coastal town along the Garden Route, which is on the southern coast of South Africa. In Plettenberg Bay we have views like this:

Sea view

And many people live in houses like this:

Such mansion

I'm not one of those people, I live a little further inland with a view of the ocean through the lagoon mouth, and relatively easy access to the river in case I feel like packrafting. I'm married to a wonderful dark-skinned woman with big eyes:

Sealions rock

Kidding...that's just some girl I met. My wife has much lighter skin, being of the blonde-haired-blue-eyed German variety. Her name is Saskia, and she's absolutely gorgeous! I always thought I was going to be a bachelor, and didn't put much value in marriage. All that changed when I met Saskia, and within a few months I knew I had to eventually wife her:

Proposal accepted

We got married in 2010, on the 10th of October. I chose this date because 10/10/10 is easy to remember, and now there's no risk of me forgetting our anniversary, which as you may know is a cardinal sin and may result in your untimely demise. We were totes the most beautiful couple at our wedding:

Wedding pic

As you may have noticed, I enjoy good food and good wine...sometimes a little more than I should. My wife, on the other hand, is a sporty vegan who hardly drinks alcohol, so I figure she makes up for both of us:

Ze German

Being in Africa has its perks! For our 5 year anniversary last year I surprised my wife with an elephant ride:


You take for granted how huge an elephant is until you're sitting on the back of one!

Elephant bums

We don't have any children, as we have 6 dogs (SIX!!) and there's simply no space. Plus our dogs are awesome, even though they are getting on in years. One day we found our dogs having their annual Council of the Dogs meeting, which was interesting:

Council of the dogs

Those two brown dogs on the right are Basenjis. They're pretty awesome - they're the dogs that are in the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and are one of the ancient breed that many other breeds came from. They are mostly silent and don't bark, which means they attack intruders without warning. They're also incredibly independent and absolute escape artists! The other 4 are rescue dogs that we've accumulated, and whilst they aren't unique breeds like the Basenjis, they are all fantastic and cute in their own right.

In my spare time I do all sorts of things like collect watches, play with LEGO, and build and fly multicopters (drones). The dogs hate my drones, and think that it's some sort of buzzing animal that they must kill, which leads to hilarious photos like this:

Dogs under drone

I hope to use Steemit as a platform to start blogging again, as I've been out of it for too long. Thanks for reading, and if you want to keep more current with what I'm up to on Monero and in my life then be sure to catch me on Twitter:)


Welcome! great post i think it is hard for some to understand the bond that is created between humans and dogs. I can relate to your post alot, i used to breed german sheperds but had a habit of keeping one from each litter,lol. They were like my family such much so it was scary sometimes how emotionally tied to them i was. I used to live in Australia sorta out of the city and i would take them to the river everyday for a swim. They new when it was time and they would jump in the van and wait. Heres a snap i took with a van i bought from a kindergarten specifically for my dogs.

Definetly miss my babies.

Hi! Please, how to create such cute icons like you did??? ) Thank you!

Hello Riccardo our friends in Acapulco need our help.


What Che did not tell you in her post was Casey and her went to the US Embassy on an emergency basis three days ago looking for assistance.

Casey and Che paid the hospital bill which left them with no more money for food and Casey’s insulin.

The hospital would not release baby Cisco until they paid the $6000.

The US embassy is literally holding them hostage in Mexico now until Che and Casey can document they are US citizens with proof of residency with original documents for the past 5 years to get the baby’s documents to travel home.
Who has that when your traveling? Mind you copies? they can not be digital, everything has to be original documents due to the new immigration and naturalization laws.

A Passport is no longer proof you are a legitimate US citizen.
Can you please spare a upvote and resteem to them? ty

Their annual Council of the Dogs meeting must have been really interesting ahahahha

How much does it cost to feed your dogs?

I'd guess they cost in the region of $200 a month to feed. To my wife's credit, she supplements their expensive high-protein diet with bulk vegetables that she cooks up on a weekend, so the costs are somewhat reduced, but the added tuna, salmon, and some older-dog-joint-problem supplements make up the difference.

I have an impression there is no official GUI wallet from XMR so far, am I right?

I mean official, not some third-party one. I don't trust any third-party wallet. The XMR CLI is really very professionally NON-user-friendly, to be honest.


Most of the work being done on it is by mbg033: https://github.com/mbg033/monero-core

He could use some help - feel free to submit PRs directly to his fork until he's submitted a PR to get upstream in sync.

They haven't bothered releasing a wallet in over 2 years. The CLI wallet is unsafe. That's how little they think of their users. But FP come here every day to spam this place with Monero propaganda.


Welcome Riccardo
So we need to sell all our Moneroj.
It seems that after Smooth you too find Steemit much better project :).
Now seriously.
Do you have any plan to finish the damn GUI wallet.
Now when Smooth is full of money, and I noticed he send something to you, it would be nice.
I really hope that you have done everything you have planned.

It's a completely different and unrelated project. I don't run a Steem node, I haven't looked at the code, I have no idea whether it will succeed in any way. But I do enjoy a good Markdown-based blogging platform, which is why I'm using this for the moment.

Re: the Monero GUI, as Monero is an unfunded, open-source project you are welcome to help "finish the damn GUI wallet". I look forward to your first pull request.

Steemit is great platrm or start blogging,, believe it

Cool post. Dude, when is Monero going to get a GUI mobile wallet? I had hella time trying to Shapeshift Monero and just gave up.

It's an untraceable, decentralised, cryptographically private cryptocurrency. You can read more about it on the Monero website, and here's a talk I gave on Bitcoin and Monero privacy in the Netherlands recently:)

fluffypony you are a Legend! I was an original Monero miner in 2014 back I suffered heavy losses in crypto. Arizona isn't a great place to mine! But it is ok. I'm getting back into crypto with Steemit. Monero is the one! Thank you for all you do!

You can use MyMonero on most smartphones, although there are some interface oddities. There's also MiniNodo by Shen Noether, one of the Monero Research Lab members, that implements the lightweight wallet model we've discussed in the past (full node at home, mobile wallet on your phone).

Great post, South Africa looks like a wonderful place to live. A friend of mine is currently on vacation in Cape Town.

Awesome, Riccardo ! Welcome to Steemit and may the STEEM POWER be with you!

omg.. 200/month to feed your dogs.. =(. How I wish I have that amount to do that monthly...

Or isn't it great to know that all of those dogs that needed a home are safe and fed by someone that can provide?

Welcome fluffy. Nice sweet intro.

Hey, are you from Italy? Nice to have you here, I follow monero since the beginning and now it shows signs of breakout, would be awesome to see it replace ethereum as it deserves :)

Also have a dog and her name is fangy. I wanted to post a pic but im having hard time working with image with my s5.

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Hi, is this thing on?

What's up! Let's see how far this platform will go!

Hi Fluffy, nice post but I have to ask, since I value your opinion on various blockchain and alt projects, what's your opinion of this whole Steem thing - how much of a scam is this?

I like the website as a blogging tool, especially because I much prefer Markdown to other markup formats. I don't have much of an opinion beyond that, as I haven't investigated it at all.

You now got rewarded 1200 USD for this post. I guess you either now love it or find it really stupid ^^ Not sure about Steemit myself tbh. One thing I noticed: it does not seem to work very smoothly.

Uh ok, what are you implying here?

Nice post tnx!

My dog likes to sit on chairs too. Even when we are with friends DIna waits until someone get up to sit on his place.. :)

Lovely story !!! It distracted me from my nightmare in Thailand. I am stranded with no money. If you´re interested just read my blogpost :)

Welcome great to have you here!

You can check out "Follow my Vote" as well... Interesting stuff they are doing

Great to see you here on steemit. Keep up the good work with monero!

Welcome Riccardo, thank you for sharing. :D

Great Intro. Love it!!!

Very nice Riccardo,
You did a nice job in your first post!
Wellcome to Steemit
Say hello to my buddy "Smoke"

I need a new mentor. I admire your life. =)

Great post and nice to see the adventures, i'm on my own journey as well https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@blockcore/introducing-myself-traveling-the-world

Good story but I cant see any pictures for some reason

They're having issues with their image proxy, see here: https://github.com/steemit/steemit.com/issues/47

Try refresh the page and it should start behaving.

Good to have you here!

Great story and cute pups!

What an adventurous couple - and your love of animals and care of them is really inspiring - I love that you can share this story on Steemit

Welcome to the Steemit community! I have added you to my list of people to follow and I hope that you will do the same.

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What is your favorite music video of all time?



Gum boot dancer, Ridgeback owner, great to see you here @fluffypony

wow incredible. Inspiration for my own life for sure.

You da man. I hope you and Satoshilite get into something good!

hey you are a super programmer, great work have you made :)

Awesome! Welcome. I'm looking forward to your posts on Monero!

Welcome! great post i think it is hard for some to understand the bond that is created between humans and dogs. I can relate to your post alot, i used to breed german sheperds but had a habit of keeping one from each litter,lol. They were like my family such much so it was scary sometimes how emotionally tied to them i was. I used to live in Australia sorta out of the city and i would take them to the river everyday for a swim. They new when it was time and they would jump in the van and wait. Heres a snap i took with a van i bought from a kindergarten specifically for my dogs.

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