New to Steemit and Hoping to Meet Other Artists!

Hey everyone! I'm Bri, or Fami whichever you prefer. I'm a webcomic creator and Twitch streamer! I hope I'll be able to make some videos for you all in coming days, but for now I'd just really like to share a little bit of doodling I've done lately. My goal for this account is probably going to mainly art focused but I may push a little bit of the Twitch stuff out here too.

You can find that channel here by the way;

I play games and draw sometimes.


Oh and here's some art <3

kirb.pnggalaxy.png1 copy.jpg

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Welcome Bri.


Thank you, fproductions! :D

Have you heard of @dlive? It may be a nice alternative to Twitch for you ;)
Greets, @theaustrianguy


I have not! Is there a Creative section of it? :o
I would love to move over all my art streams if so, since I don't seem to get any real hits on anything non-gaming on Twitch.


Welcome! I really like your art! There is a great art community here and plenty of contests and things to participate in, as well as people who just love to look at art and other creators. I think you will enjoy it. Can't wait to see more. Best wishes Bri: )


Much appreciated, Rena! <3
I would love to get active in a real art community again. It's been literal years, since dA seems to have really... died out in terms of "community". I'll definitely keep my eyes open and try to participate as much as I can! Thank you!!


Thanks friend! I appreciate it! :D
I'll be sure to keep updating with new drawings and pages, so I hope I don't disappoint!

Welcome to Steemit