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RE: Hola Steemians! Let me introduce myself!

Welcome to steemit community @angelol ! Share you knowledge and ideas, community will appreciate it. Good luck and keep growing! @extremeromance


Thank you for the nice words and for welcoming me to the community!

For those who just joined #Steemit and they would like to move faster, please, follow just 3 steps for making a really fast start.

Comment posts - the first and major step.
but not with just "thank you" practically about nothing. Please, carefully read a post and make constructive comments and you would always be a benefited for. For your smart (funny) comments you will always get Upvotes and followers, even if it's old posts
Why am I considering a commenting as a major step? Because beside to get upvotes, you should start to think how to grow your followers base. If you would only post-post-post, how your potential followers would know about you? and you don't have a luxury just post and wait one perfect moment when people would start to resteem your post for sharing your words to others. Instead of waiting that perfect moment you should create your visibility with your posts.
I don't have any whales in my followers and my probability to get valuable upvotes for my posts equals to 0. But when I comment a Big Fish post, I get a real chance to bring my words to a bigger audience and as a result, earn bigger rewards.

Upvote posts for supporting users and they will support you. Do remember: we grow together
How to vote with less power without burning yourself,

Resteem posts which are a matter for you. It will improve your own blog visibility and would allow you to make some extra money

One more extra: ask questions. I mean it. Ask questions in your posts and in your comments, start discussions and be active in your replies

.... and, please, don't begging "follow me/I follow you" "upvote for upvote" etc.... it does work on other platforms but doesn't work on #steemit and would only make you look silly

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