Your Standard Meathead Turned Nutrition and Fitness Coach Hoping to Make a Positive Impact In The World

Hello there, friends! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me!
I was born and raised in the great state of Utah, USA. I guess I have a pretty standard life, grew up playing sports, going to school, making friends, just your standard stuff. I guess my life split from the status quo when my parents divorced when I was 14. It really changed my perspective on life, I had the overnight realization that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Though it was hard growing up without both parents in the home (stayed with my mom btw), I feel it made me mature and view life through a much more serious perspective.
I wouldn't change my experience growing up with divorced parents for anything because it helped me become who I am today. As natural for most teenagers from my family situation, I blamed myself, faced negative thoughts daily and fought for a long time not really feeling positive about anyone or anything in life... until I found myself in my first weight training class senior year in high school. It was love at first lift. It was the one time that I didn't think about how bad my life was (first world problems right? Honestly not that bad of a life, but hey "I'm the center of the universe teenage brain") It was just you and the weight, no deeper thoughts, no negativity. Just the lift.
Fast forward a few years, after returning home from a two year service mission for my church, I immediately jumped back into the gym and began lifting extremely consistently and my love for it grew even more, but I was never fully satisfied with my physique. I began to get more involved with my diet and I started to see positive changes in my physique but I still wasn't satisfied. I made a goal to compete in a Men's Physique show and it came down to the wire but I hired a coach and made my goal twice over! My first year I competed twice while at the same time becoming certified as a Personal Trainer.
I wanted to help others find the same power in life that I did! I began working at 24 hour fitness, but after only 7 months working in a big box gym, I came to the realization that there was so much more that I can do for people as an independent fitness and nutrition coach. I sought out the Precision Nutrition certification and completed that as I prepared and competed for a third and fourth time.
Now I am establishing my own company and I coach a few friends now and am looking forward to building my own business over this new coming year.


Welcome to steemit! You will enjoy it! Continue doing good post.
I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon.

@excellfitlife Welcome to steemit... found your post somewhat inspirational. Have fun here :)

Thanks @creatovert That is what motivates me!

Welcome to steemit, your friend told me you joined so I came by to say hello! Your friend @saipandamashii and I are both members of a group called the minnow support group come met like minded fun individuals and build that business through network. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, best of luck on your business.

Thank you! Definitely looking forward to networking a bit more actively in the future! Just got those last two weeks of school then I am free haha

@kubbyelizabeth I'm only SaipanDamashii on Discord! :P

Not exactly my topic hehe ...well not today... maybe someday? But you r franz wif saipan n i like starwars n starwars loving gymdoods need love too, lol.

Heck yeah dude, so glad to finally see you on Steemit!! Great first post, I look forward to seeing more posts from you soon! And I hope to see you in MSP more often, make some friends and stuff in there :P

I'll help you to format your posts too so that they look even nicer :P I had no idea about formatting when I first started out so I'm glad that I know this stuff now and am in a position to help my friends right from the start :D

I will be sure to hit you up to make my content better! Definitely don't want to make it look bad!

Welcome to steemit!

Welcome to Steemit! Look forward to your contributions. Good on you!

Thank you! Hopefully I don't disappoint!

Welcome! Great to have you 💜 Saipan said come see u, glad I did 🙃 See u soon sweetie

Gracias for the support! See you back soon!

welcome :-) keen to hear your thoughts on plant based nutrition. cheers

Welcome to steemit! Good to have you here and thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the welcome! It's good to be a part of a supportive community!

Welcome to Steemt! Impressive man I gotta say. Also not the average meathead haha. Look forward to more

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Welcome to here.

Hi, Welcome to steemit!I hope you enjoy being part of this incredible community! I would like to find more people like you in the world. People who inspire and show us that with a little effort we can meet our goals. Thanks for sharing your story! Success and greetings!


hi there @excellfitlife! So happy to find you here. I love connecting with new friends from all over the world. I will follow you and I hope you do the same so we can stay connected. :)

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