A Little Introduction About Myself

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Hello everyone, my name is Evelyn Foster from Nigeria. I heard about steemit through the recruitment scheme of Antigenic Revolution lead by @antigenx, @joagawu, @brightfame, @sammyswt, and @lorenzo1420. These guys are doing an amazing job to get more people know about steemit. I am so excited to be a part of this community.


I am the last child in a family of 8 children. That’s a pretty large team though. I am a Pharmacist and recently bagged a Master of Public Health (MPH) International from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. I am also a World Bank Scholar.

Love everyone. Hate no one.
Rise up and try again, and again, and again until you succeed.


I am the founder of a youth initiative called “Catch Them Young “ which inspires secondary and university students to aspire for high academic excellence, believe in themselves and dream for a better future. I organize mentorship classes, seminars and outreach campaigns to reach them.
I believe that every child has the right to quality education, that why I am committed to improving access to education for children in rural communities.


Smiling is my number one hobby. Sounds strange right? Oh yea!

I like traveling a lot, exploring different cultures and meeting new people. I particularly like trying out new food.
I like to go swimming, watching football and trying out new things.


I look forward to the day I’ll be in Japan on 14th February because a Japanese friend of mine told me that there’s a culture in Japan where ladies prepare special cakes 14th of February every year, that’s Valentine’s Day and gives it to any guy they’ve been admiring. So if a guy sees a lady come to him with a cake, he gets to know that the lady is interested in him and then if he likes her too, he officially ask her out. I love this culture.


I really want to meet more wonderful people here and learn new things, and I look forward to having an amazing experience here.

Thank you for taking your time to get to know me.

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Hi, welcome to steemit glad to know you become interested in this awesome community. =)
Oh, I've never been to Japan but that's a cool tradition huh, hope you find your one true love in Japan. =)

Thank you @purepinay. I was so amused when my friend told me about that culture in Japan. I like the freedom ladies are given there to express their desire for the one they love as opposed to the African tradition where no matter how much you like a guy, you have to keep mute until he speaks up.

Hi @evarich, Welcome to the Steemit family!
Nice introduction. Hope you'll do better in here.
This articles will help you to continue your steemit journey
Feel free to ask questions. See you around!<3

Thank you @mashiliyanage for your kind welcome to the steemit family. I do really hope to do well hear, and will sure go through those materials to learn more.

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Welcome @evarich onboard this wonderful Community, you are in for success. Remember to keep your password very #safe.

Thank you @sammyswt for bringing me to this wonderful community. I never knew it existed till you guys came through.

Sure, my password is securely safe.

Hello and welcome :)
thanks for sharing.
have a good time here ;)
best regards @tommithomson

Thank you so much @tommithomson for the warm welcome. I sure hope to have a real good time here.

@evarich welcome dear, you finally made ur first post. Its very cool. Im impressed. Welcome to another beautiful world of possibilities , make friends, interact, learn and grow. We are solidly behind you.

Thank you @antigenx for bringing me here. Your support was invaluable, and I'm very open to learn from you and grow here. Bravo!

Men! I scream again men! You did justice to this and I must say burn with this fire and do more on sternly cod with this writing skills I see someone who smiles to the bank always.

You wrote well my friend.. This is best way to start.

Welcome to steemit a world of opportunities.

I am me @brightfame

Thank you so much @brightfame. I'm all smiles right now. You brought me in to steemit, showed me the way to succeed and helped me get this done. I'm really grateful.

Welcome on board dear
Enjoy your stay

Thank you @joagawu. Yes, I will.

Welcome to the great community

Thank you @lorenzo1420. I'm glad to be here.

Foster! Hmmmm! I'm so proud of you.. Welcome on board.. I'm just filled with joy..

Thank you @brightfame. This is all your hand work. Thanks for making me know about steemit.