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Firstly, I appreciate the alarming rate of youth unemployment and underemployment in my country Nigeria. This scourge has given rise to unbearable hardship amongst the youths, precipitating high rates of crimes of all types. From robbery, murder, online fraud, kidnapping, militancy to most recently Boko Haram terrorism ravaging the Northern part of the country which the government is struggling unsuccessfuly to contain.

Having said that, secondly, I understand that for steemit to endure the test of time, it needs a continuous inflow of new participants.

The above two reasons are what moved me to organise a whatsaap-based webinar for a group of youths i have long associated with. At the end of my webinar on steemit opportunity, 87 people indicated interest to be part of the program, and out of this...67 people had registered for the program.

This way...i have been able to help these youths while also strengthening steemit community.

I didn't just got them into the program and stopped there; no. I formed a whatsaap-based group known as #Euronation Steemians from where I hope to groom them to become highly felt forces within steemit community.


The above is a screenshot of the whatsaap group. We are 87 in total. Of this 67 had registered.

In my next article, i am going to share with you how we intend to move forward as one block, and how you will benefit if you decide to join this formidable alliance. Be reminded that in steemit program, for you to truely succeed, you need to build social bridges and form strong alliances. Thats one of the beacon of success here. I do hope you understand that.

At this point, great steemians, permit me to introduce to this community 67 new able allies known with usernames...

  1. @temmityeu

  2. @smyle

  3. @goldmindeu

  4. @olamseu

  5. @drigweeu

  6. @chaloner-eu


  1. @diaraeu

  2. @oluwanelsoneu

  3. @malachy-eu

  4. @sammieu

  5. @giftedstan-eu

  6. @bob-elr

  7. @manontopeu

  8. @incomeplus

  9. @greatharry

  10. @valentinaij

  11. @sircalepin-eu

  12. @kenchizzy-eu

  13. @kinglite

  14. @pascal-amanfo

  15. @sbamsoneu

  16. @truman2eu

  17. @beulahlandeu

  18. @dray91eu

  19. @mamidu

  20. @maintain4real-eu

  21. @mychidera-eu

  22. @leksydeu

  23. @praise-eu

  24. @cynthoney

  25. @ceyebrity

  26. @jaggarmceu

  27. @dubem-eu

  28. @realkameeleu

  29. @maafour1eu

  30. @formula-eu

  31. @yesfat-eu

  32. @sweetestglo-eu

  33. @jaggarmceu

  34. @biggybanty

  35. @jeddeu

  36. @osefelixeu

  37. @oniraphaeleu

  38. @namoskyeu

  39. @kornastone

  40. @ikenna7-eu

  41. @pivotmoney-eu

  42. @mayowa-eu

  43. @uzorsplendideu

  44. @eminenteu

  45. @danieludoh

  46. @abagnes

  47. @joseph-eu

  48. @emmanuel-eu

  49. @topson

  50. @greenlife500eu

  51. @cutedicta

  52. @toluwalase-eu

  53. @tonybest-eu

  54. @sammychinaza

  55. @achievereu

  56. @maryuwa-eu

  57. @yayo93eu

  58. @chuksfu

  59. @otis-eu

NB: there is no number 5; so the list is in order.

The link to our whatsaap-based group is:


Just click and you will find yourself in the group.

Together...we will achieve greatness!


TEAM #Euronation..

I'm @eurogee

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You're a great leader indeed. Congratulatons


Thank you

The euro. You are doing a great work, best bro for life. Kudos for great work well done



Am learning new things from the euronation boss. Nice one bro



@eurogee got you a $1.3 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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Come on in and start making some $$$ that is, if you like blogging and embracing the challenge of getting people interested in your most important issues. So best of good luck. I place here the link to one of my posts .. hope you can address it and leave some comments.


Make a FOLLOW and let’s keep the dialog going on. If you find it of value and interesting UPVOTE and let’s exchange comments in the future.

Good luck.



You deserve a follow man. Right behind you now

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Wow .. That is a huge step towards community upport kudos aman .. you are doing so much for steemit .. Steemit will definetly give back to you ..



Our boss, leading us through the path of financial success


Hahaha abi...

Sure I am one of the leaders in the group.
Glad to be a member of Steemit community



Nice one boss!

I celebrate you sir Euro for this exceptional piece. God bless you...


And you too bro

Eurogee, tumb up for you.



Well done bros. But how come my username is not there? I clicked the link and its says i am a member already but my name didnt appear. Pls kindly update and dont leave me behind bros.steemit.com/@adore-eu is my username


I didnt notice

Wow..... great man, keep it up bro the sky will be your starting point and not your limit. i appreciate, God bless you real good.


Thanks man

@eurogee at first, I ignore ur message on my WhatsApp but now I search for ur write ups. Keep it up bro.


Hahahs abi

Thanks for this great financial opportunity u shared with each and everyone of us.. We remain loyal to ur govt



You are the best of your kind
I love everything you drop.
Keep the fire burning


Thanks for compliment

@Euronation d great group, with us poverty is an enemy


Nice euro. You are really doing great work


And you too

You have what takes to be a leader. move on men. Great #Team

67 news teeemsina ? worl. I belive , writing good content , is very important to engage followers .. :) @ronaldmcatee

i know all of your posts are wonderful, and i read them @ronaldmcatee

You're doing a great job, well-done sir...

Welcome to steemit !! Enjoy this beautiful world! Followed. Follow me back 😘