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RE: Hola Steemians! Let me introduce myself!

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Hi @angelol! Welcome to Steemit!

With your background, it looks like you'll fit right in here. We have a lot of content creators focused on crypto, math, and science, and I'm personally also interested in learning more about software engineering since it's outside of my field of expertise.

I'm interested in what it was like to create a company and then sell it. I'm sure that would make for a great post!

I always give the same advice to all new Steemians, so I'll leave these tips here for you in hopes that they will help you along the way.

  • Familiarize yourself with the way the platform works by browsing the FAQs.

  • Check out the Steemit Etiquette Guide for tips on how to interact with others in the community and how to introduce yourself to everyone.

  • If you'd like some advice on how to make your posts great, take a look at this guide I posted about polishing your posts.

  • Finally, when it comes to commenting, check out this guide that will get you on the road to becoming a comment expert!

I'll be following along to take a look at your future posts, but if you're interested in plugging into a community that focuses on supporting its members and curating great content, look no further than The Unmentionables. Come check us out!

The rest is really up to you, so best wishes and happy Steeming!


Thanks a lot for the nice welcome message! I've started following you as well.

You're welcome! Glad to have you as a follower.

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