"Introductory Blog: I'm Esme, A Music Enthusiast Father"

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Good day there Steemians!


I may not be not one of the lucky people who were “born with a silver spoon in mouth” but I had the most precious people who weren’t not just there in times of your success but during your darkest hours that even miracle would be impossible. They were there to help, guide, light up your way to move forward that you don’t even need to call them ‘coz they were always there all time. My FAMILY, such a single word but it is my biggest and strongest foundation why I am living on.


Yeah, we are half a dozen siblings and I am the eldest. As the eldest I am responsible of taking care of my younger brothers and sisters. When I look at them memories of us flashed in, that time we used to gather firewoods that we used for cooking. We grew up in a rural place so that was our daily living. We play native games with no gadgets unlike today's generation but we find it joyful.


As time passes, I was involved in many activities at school. I played baseball as “catcher” in my primary years which was my favorite game. Then in my secondary, I learned “sepak takraw” and soccer. Sepak takraw or kick volleyball is a sport native to Southeast Asia, it is similar to footvolley in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball.


I’m gonna say sorry for this video but it’s me on guitar, our (Tito Titz) or Uncle Efren on keyboards and of course my bestfriend @g10a on vocals and this video is what I found best. Although it was not a clear video but it may be considerate because we’re born in 80’s and photography was not that very familiar to us hahaha (kidding) so documenting this session was not that presentable (thank you Dong Charlo for capturing this video, he’s our friend) unlike these days photography gadgets are awesome.

Since my last year in high school (that was around 2005-2006), I hooked-up with music. It was where I learned to play guitar with the great influence of course, my bestfriend @g10a. He was like a mentor and brother to me. (He was the first to play guitar before me hahaha). I don't even remember a single misunderstanding between the two of us since we knew each other. That is how we treasure our friendship.

We agree and disagree on things together. We had great respect with each other. So we grew up along and I was eventually living in their house with his parents which I treated as my second parents too, that’s how close our brotherhood is. I and @g10a, we had lots of memorable things in our childhood and one of this most treasured memory was when we use to wander around riding his bicycle. Yes! It’s me and him riding his bicycle. Until when I got married.

Since the time that I’ve got married, it seemed that our band would bring the banner with the line from Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69 written on it as Jimmy quit, Jody got married I should've known we'd never get far. Hahaha



I got married on (January 3, 2009. I was 21 years old that time). Getting into marriage sometimes was unsuccessful as what had happened on me. My wife and I was separated for some personal reasons. (But we’re not legally separated). The best thing happened there was, I got this beautiful angel of mine. She is baby Cha-cha, my lovely daughter. She’s 9 years old and in grade 4.

She’s good in school, got awards and very fun of her barbies. She loves to draw and play chess too. These happened once, when she saw my old little chess board, she said to my Mom her Grandmother, Grandma may I borrow father's chessboard? I want to play with it. I'll return it if I'm done. So mom gave it to her. After that, mom called me on the phone and told me about what had happened, I felt like my heart brooked knowing that she still remembered that little thing we used to play with when she was just three (3) years young.

I was overwhelmed with joy of what my Mom told me. So I bought Baby Cha-cha a new and bigger chess board and she was very happy and proud upon receiving it knowing that it is from me as a gift to her.( I almost cried writing this story hahaha). She’s the reason why I’m striving hard in work to secure her bright future.



I also love traveling. I went many places here in Philippines mostly islands of tourists spots. I enjoy meeting new people. I am very fond in music right now, I play guitar which became my hobby. I did covers of my favorite songs and it exercises me to enhance my skill.


And that’s it, a quick view of myself.

Anyway, I am Esmiro Escobar but my friends used to call me “Esme” originally from Santa Catalina, in the Province of Negros Oriental, Philippines but recently, I am living here in General Trias, Cavite, Philippines.
I took up Bachelor of Science in Office System Management but I was not able to finish the whole course and took only two (2) years out of four (4) on it. I am funny guy to be with, flexible in many aspects and can be treated as true friend hahaha.

Of course I will not end this without thanking special people behind; my best friend @g10a who introduced #steemit to me. And behind with the other guys thank you Ma'am @deeday31 for helping me with the ideas you have shared to me and also to @kneelyrac and @lebron2016. To sir Terry a.k.a @surpassinggoogle thank you for being a role model steemian and an inspiration to most of the people here in #steemit specially newbies.

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Welcome to Steemit and #steemitachievers @esmeescobar! Can't wait to see you shine here.. You have a bright future ahead in Steemit just like @g10a.. See u around!

You may check the link below as your guide on your Steemit journey:
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Thank you maam @ediah. I am starting to enjoy the company with you guys.

If you have any questions you are most welcome to ask in our group. Just don't be shy.

Welcome friend
Much success

thank you my friend @rowland. much success likewise:-)

Welcome to #steemit and #steemitachievers as well. Just enjoy the ride and later reap the fruits of your labor, in just a very short time, every 7 days to be exact.

Keep on steeming!

Thank you sir @long888. I viewed video entries of the singing challenge part 2 hahaha, it excites me to join with you guys and have fun.

Welcome kabayan.
Steem On!
Enjoy your stay here:)

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Thank you for the warm welcome kabayan @steemgigger😊

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This is it!! Hehehe welcome to #steemit dong @esmeescobar. I m sure you’ll be rock’n roll’n here.
Good Luck & God Bless

hahaha thanks so much dong @g10a for helping me and welcoming here at @steemit as well.

hahaha unsa man mamalit na tag pandesal dong kadlawon naman hahaha.

Haha tara ay. Hinay2 lng ta kay mahulog nya tas kanal. Bahalag mahulog bsta send ghapon..

Welcome to steemit :)

Thank you there maam @katiepals😊

welcome to steemit my friend.

Thank you for the warm welcome my friend @wajahatsardar

Welcome to Steemit Land! Great to see you continuing to post more often now!
I wish you the best! Hope you gonna have fun with our community and see you soon

thank you there @mushilat for the welcome.

congratulations many successes

Thank you for the welcome maam @isabl09

Welcome to Steemit! Awesome pictures! I hope you enjoy your time here and be sure to check out DTube and Dsound as well. These are the video and audio platforms that are based on the Steem Blockchain and are great additions to your Steemit world. As well, I hope you will look over some of my content and consider following along! Kindest regards.

thank you sir @captainbob for that warm welcome, appreciation and new ideas you've shared on me.

You are very welcome my friend.

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Welcome bro!!

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thank you for welcoming @gerel. have a nice day too..

As a music enthusiast, you can offer your talents to this community. Sorry to hear that you and your wife had to separate from each other. Anyway, she (your daughter) is so cute!

Welcome to this great platform.

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thanks a lot there @hafiz for the warm welcome and wonderful appreciation. thank you also for the info you've shared with me. see you around. :-)

Enjoy......staying here to steemit......

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