Hi I’m Elyar. I sang for millions of people, toured arenas, topped the charts, and then disappeared into thin air.

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Hello Steemit,  allow me to introduce myself:

 I’m Elyar, I’m 21, and I’m a singer-songwriter from London, UK.  My friend, @thisisbenbrick, introduced me to the secret city of Steemit and it seems like an incredibly unique way of sharing ideas, value, and connecting with people (without the algorithms and ads). I like it.   

I’m looking forward to making friends, sharing my music, thoughts, stories and secrets on here and helping grow the Steemit family with my social media followers. (1.8 million Likes and Followers) ✌

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Welcome to Steemit.
@thisisbenbrick is someone I follow and he entered and won the Steemit Open Mic contest. Would you like to join us and play some music for the community?


Hey luzcypher, I'd love to get involved for the next one!

Welcome Elyar! We're happy to have you!

In order that your getting up to speed with Steem and Steemit should go as smoothly as possible, you can visit the Steem.Center wiki and Steemit.chat where many of us are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

There you can also access a special channel that we've just recently started to fill with some really good guides to the different aspects of this network.

Listening to @steemittalk podcast will surely help you keep up with what's going on in the entire Steem community and they're also good people to connect with.

If you want to search for older content, you can try out the Ask Steem site and if you use social media on your phone you should definitely chech out eSteem.

Hope you will enjoy your stay here!

Welcome Elyar!

Welcome man! Great to see you posting :)


Thanks for introducing me to it! 😎

Hi Elyar. Welcome. Here is a post I did to help all newcomers. Hope this helps. How To Use Steemit - https://steemit.com/howto/@sebastianjago/how-to-use-steemit-my-answers-in-point-form-with-some-hot-tips


🙌 🙌

Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you.
I wish you the best! and hope to see you soon.

Hey mate, welcome to Steemit. I'm curious, why did you "disappear" from it all? :P


Hey avilsd! I'll be sharing my story over the next few posts. 👀


I'm excited to see mate! Impressive profile btw, I like the engagement on your pages. (I'm a giant social media geek, and I've moved from YouTube to Steemit just due to the better future I see. Of course it's wise to be everywhere, but the more you focus your times on the places that count, the better it'll go.) I hope to see you succeed here! Just remember, it certainly takes time, quality and consistency!


Looking forward to this one! You'll be like the demystified version of Frank Ocean or some shit.

Welcome to steemit! If you ever have time to join us for a week at Steemit Open Mic, we'd love to have you :-D


Haha. Open mic sounds fun, would love to be part of it.


It would be an honor to have someone as hard-working and talented as yourself! We have all the info right over here: https://steemit.com/openmic/@luzcypher/steemit-open-mic-37-record-your-performance-on-your-phone-enter-and-win-steem-sponsored-by-pfunk-and-luzcypher

Hey @elyar!

Who did you sing with?

Welcome to Steemit :)


Thanks shayne. In a pop-punk band from 13-16, then as a solo artist since then. I'll be sharing all in my next posts!


Cool. :) look forward to it.


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welcome to steemit :) Looking forward to your music

Welcome man!
Please share more of your story here:) looking forward :)

Congratulations @elyar!
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Welcome to Steemit! The lack of algorithms and ads is nice! I'm sure you'll like it here :) upvoted and followed

Glad to have you on board!

Like you said, Steemit is a unique community that I feel blessed to be part of. The future is very interesting!

I'm a poet, and if you ever want to collaborate, feel free to get in touch.

I wish you an awesome journey on Steemit.



Thanks imwatsi. Followed. Introspective vibes. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. 🎈

Welcome to Steemit Elyar. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! :-)

Welcome to Steem @elyar I have sent you a tip


Aw, thanks bottymcbotface!

Welcome, Elyar! I remember seeing your first few vids when you were blowing up where you sang Boyfriend and Payphone, amongst other songs. Had to go put on some of your old vids now for the nostalgia.

Take it from a musician: you are a phenomenal singer, and I wish you would just get back to singing before the camera without any effects or studio-quality recordings. You only need to spend those 5 mins on doing a take of a song you know, and it could go viral solely due to your talent. I expect you will take me up on this!

I'll grant you the privilege of being the first person I follow on Steemit.


Thanks aesthetics. I'll be posting some straight up vids on here, for sure.

welcome to steemit bro :)

Up-voted, re-steemed and followed.
@Volcalists-Trail supports vocalists on Steemit
Follow back for updates over the coming weeks about opportunities to engage with other vocalists in competitions and events to win rewards! :D

Amazing story! Why did you disappear?

Welcome!! I look forward to more of your content and to see who you can bring across to the platform!! :)) 100% up-voted and resteemed! all the best!

Yet another amazing human to join Steemit, give thanks!

Welcome! Can't wait to hear your story

I wish you good posts

Hi! Elyar! Welcome to steemit. I am looking forward to hear your story. I would also love to hear your opinion on my riffs on my blog. Especially the first one.

Hello young boy, welcome. Upvoted followed.

Hello and welcome to Steemit ^_^


Holla! Thanks alphacore. (You deserve a metal band named after you)

Welcome, welcome! I went and listened to your Switch Your Love acoustic version on your Youtube channel. You have a great voice! Silky smooth, looks like you were actually recording that in the same room you took your steemit photo haha I hope you post some content here too! Do you write all your own music?

Welcome ! Hopefully you can share more about you career with us soon.

Hi there @elyar, welcome to Steemit! I hope you'll enjoy your stay :-)

Whats up :) I hope your steemit life is good :))

Welcome to the secret city, feel free to ask around the mystical creatures here don't bite.
Great having you here, keep sharing and all the best :)

Welcome to steemit! I like to follow people all over the world, of all different ages. I read introduction posts and follow people who seem legit and real! You totally seem interesting! Following you to learn more about the world you live in and how you see it from your local perspective! I hope you will check out my posts too now and then!- @sircork - I've up voted and followed you!

Welcome to steemit community.
I’m @jyoungking2 Start by following people and they will do the same.
Good Luck

Welcome onboard @elyar! Very interested to hear more about your experiences/career

Welcome to steemit community. @elyar...Happy steeming...

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Welcome and enjoy the time in new community!

Welcome dude, you not close to the fire that happened earlier are you? keep safe man! wish you the greatest success on this social network.


Yes! It's not far from me, but I'm okay. Awful news, I feel for all the people in the building...

We never expect things like this to happen to us... Thanks satoshimoto.

Welcome to steemit. Looking ahead, to hear what ya got bro.

Welcome! I just joined today as well, and I love the UK. I worked with a record label in London for a while, so it feels a little like a second home, although I'm in Canada.

I came to Steemit with about.. 1400 followers? So pretty similar? :)

Looking forward to hearing some of your stuff!


Hey Kay, thank you. Had to a listen to your stuff. You've got a beautiful voice, who inspires your music?


Thanks @elyar. I know the quality isn't great yet (I'll be working on that, but sometimes you just need to get started), but I really appreciate the positive feedback so far. I love a lot of the 90s singer-songwriters: Jewel, Tracy Chapman, Ani DeFranco.. most of the "Women & Songs" franchise.. And current singer-songwriters like The Civil Wars, Gabrielle Aplin, Brooke Fraser. Also the incomparable Bruce Cockburn for lyrics! And tons of poets. I write a lot of poetry as well.

What about you??

Welcome to Steemit Elyar! Glad to have you on the platform, we need more musicians on here, there's not much of music, and we all need music don't we? :)

Looking forward to your work! Peace!

Right on @elyar, welcome to Steemit! Hey, it looks like you're all set on delivering great content to your audience, but in case you have any questions about Steemit I just wrote a Steemit to Victory you might get some use out of. Again, glad to have you here!

Wow. Your story is cool. Can't wait to hear more about it.


Thanks VB. I actually desperately need some new veggie recipes, so looking forward to seeing you on my feed. Followed 🍻


Thanks for the support. :) New veggie recipes coming out soon.

Welcome Elyar!

Cool! Welcome to Steemit... I just got a track of mine featured in Northern Transmissions today https://steemit.com/music/@wvm/happy-to-featured-on-northern-transmission-today if you like electronic music with an edge check it.

welcome to steemit @elyar, so glad having your personality in this platform, looking forward to more of your posts.

followed you.

Welcome man! Who did you share the stage with?

Welcome to Steem, Elyar! Glad our friend Benbrick brought ya :)

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you like it as much as I do. I'm following you to know you better. Feel free to connect with me @lulita 😀

Welcome Elyar,
May you never have to disappear or go silent again.


How incredibly kind. Here's to you, 🍻

I do like your intro @elyar … nice one … future posts are been waited so hope for you the best in this new & challenging environment. I like writing/posting about several topics that call my attention, from travel, life to science and technology. Here are some of my last posts, that if you can, read them and leave some comments - it will be great.






Best of good luck in the STEEMIT arena …. have given you my UPVOTE tick for the welcome, and hope you will FOLLOW to be up to date on posts ..!!

Txs. & Rgds.


Hi Elyar, welcome on board !

Hello, elyar I don't know you, but welcome!

Thank you for contributing more and more this community, you are great, follow me and we help each other.

Welcome @elyar, glad to have you here.

Hey! Welcome! I am a newbie too! Excited to be joining the platform, and it looks like you have a pretty interesting story to tell :)

followed !follow back please !

Welcome to Steemit @elyar . I am new, just like you.
Good luck. Wish you all the best

Welcome to Steemit. Let me know if you need a bass player.

Hi Welcome!

Hello @elyar Welcom to Steemit community. Upvote!)

Welcome onboard! People with such a big following like yourself will make the steemit a huge hit in no time! I am astonished day by day how fast is this thing going. In connection with other social media steemit will be the number one in next 2 years! The snowball effect is only starting! Any thoughts?

great, i think the back story to the big moment and the aftermath of not having your next moment of 'fame' as seen in the public eye is important for bloggers and brand advocates of the future. subscribed!

welcome to steemit elyar :)

Nice to meet you Elyat...Twirble is following you!!!

Welcome to steemit and looking forward to reading more about your experiences as a musician.

Thank you, dear sir, for the follow. Following back, and excited to see you take off here! Get some vids up! I want to hear! I got a couple up already. :). Cheers! xx, Kay

Hey Elyar! I'm glad I came across your profile. I just became a steemian myself and I'm also a singer/songwriter. My intro will be up soon. Follow back if you'd like :)

welcome to steemit my friend....

welcome to steemverse!! again!!

it looks like you didn't noticed my first welcome on @thisisbenbrick post !!

Lets make you famous again.

welcome to steemit @elyar

A big warm Steemit welcome goes out to you again Elyar! :-D

Upvoted and High Paw.

please follow me and I'll follow you back :D

follow me and I'll follow you back and please upvote, resteem

Welcome to steemit @elyar! What an exciting career you've had so far! Well done for deciding to join the community :) I look forward to seeing what you bring to the platform. Followed and upvoted.