Hello, @elizabethmurray,
Thank you for your question.
Personally, I appreciate Mr. Vladimir Putin because of his vision of Russia as a strong and united nation, able to defend its interests on the world arena.
Regarding the pensions and wages, as it usually happens worldwide, in Russia too, the regions which are close to the capital city or those who have been traditionally developing the strategic sectors of economy benefit from larger share of public investment in their regional budget. Hence, the gap between the average salary and pensions.
More and more often, the Russians prepare carefully their retirement, invest in real estate or personal business which could later ensure them with extra-revenues to the pension.
The official age for retirement in Russia has not changed since 2011, for women it is fixed at 55 years, for men - at 60.
The new law, currently under preparation, would increase the retirement age in Russia accordingly till 63 for women and till 65 for men, which corresponds to the international tendency.
Thank you and welcome to our community!

Thanks for your reply,i think hes got his head screwed on the right way,better than most politicians,i wish he was governing the uk.

Well, Mr. Vladimir Putin is a wise and strong personality. Personally, I believe that historically the governance style in Russia has always been different from the other countries due to its huge territory, multiple cultures, languages, mentalities inside it. So, to my mind, Mr. Putin or any other politician would never govern in the same way two different countries, like Russia and the UK. We are different, but we should remain good partners on the main political and economic subjects. Don't you think so?

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