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RE: Who am i ? The exact same as you !! Vibhas Virwani : Painter/illustrator/video game artist/animator/photographer/trekker.

in #introduceyourself7 years ago

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I saw your post in the #postpromotion channel on the WhaleShares discord. Thank you for being with us! How did you find us that fast? And I have one more question for you vibvir, is there anything you haven't done? Really nice 3D models and artworks! Good to have you on steemit!


thanks for checking it out on #postpromotion ! I found out by reading through the @welcomebot message. Thank YOU for taking the time to check out the post. There are many things i still have not done ! haha parkour , break dancing, bucket list is HUGE. Thanks a lot for the compliments on the artwork. great to be here !! :)

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