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RE: 🌜The First Photography Community on STEEM Blockchain.🌛

Excited to learn about the BeScouted photography community. I just checked out the site and it looks great. I signed up already and will start posting some model photos tomorrow. It seemed focused on model photography but I saw also street and documentary photographs. Are all photography genres welcome?


Hi, @edward.maesen Thanks! And still so much needs to be done! Any photography that shows artistic value or effort is welcome. It just happened naturally as BeScouted was online some time before the STEEM Blockchain and it somehow gravitated to portrait photography due to our unique casting system probably. But again, any kind of photography is welcome.

Thanks for the clarification. I photograph different genres and have been a long time member of model mayhem and model society. I will start posting some photos soon!

You can create convenient casting on BeScouted too and find multiple team members at once. As soon as community in your region joins :)

Wonderful. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years and was spoiled by the many photo meetups and models there. Now I live in a small mountain town where there are little or no photo opportunities (aside from the beautiful nature scene of course), so I hope I can connect with people online.

I am sure you will see many people from your current area soon it BeScouted takes off :) And a lot of that depends on each and every community member.

Yes I hope so and I agree. I migrated here from google+ and I am going to promote BeScouted and steemit in general there. Letting people know that I moved. I particularly like that/how the two are integrated.

And we are just starting. First steps. Have so many ideas for the future. And if you would help with the promotion it would be appreciated very much. Thanks mate.

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