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RE: Of Purple Shades and Hope

Amazing introduce me post! Thats an amazing smile! You will do great here! Its wonderful to see how with each post from a person from the phillipines only perpetuates the perspective that all people from that area are just all about family and love which is awesome! Welcome to Steemit! Any questions, comments, just want to chat, or even post promote in our channel join us at:

Please keep in touch! I want to hear from you! I want to share some useful things with I wish you I knew about when I first started!
-a (nearly) complete interactive page that gives you a better overall experience and overview of what is really happening on your steem page.

  • Steemengine, the followers I have gained from it is unreal! I gained 225 just in the past five days. If you want you can use my referral link above not required though...

If your going to buy upvotes for post promotion try and follow grumpy cat and his rules...

Check out @kennyskitchen and his introduceyourself post tips it is extremely helpful and informative!


Thank you so much for taking your time to welcome me! (Apologies for my late reply)
My 2nd post is up! Please give me some of your time by reading and upvoting! Leave a comment too if you wanna! Thank you!

Much easier to post this in my discord channels post promotion section. But please first introduce yourself into introduce yourself section and gave your steemit username in our steemit username section...

I will read and comment on this link you provided...

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