Posting an Intro between a Playboy Playmate and the Dollar Vigilante... #winning

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Preface:  I was hesitant to make an introduction post now that Steem is growing so quickly.  Some get the acknowledgment they deserve, yet many are lost in obscurity.  With that being said, reputation is an increasingly important aspect of Steem, and verification is important, so I'll share a little about myself...

I’m an extremist.    

My entire life has revolved around an insatiable obsession to give my heart and soul to everything I’m passionate about.  I believe that knowledge is power, and I believe that if something is worth doing, it should be pursued fully and completely, regardless of circumstance or adversity.  Over the years I have mastered the rubik’s cube, trained myself to become a steel slayer, and this past January I took home 1st place at an indoor rowing competition.

Yes you read that correctly.  

You no longer have to be outside on a large body of water to compete in rowing... who knew!?  I certainly didn’t until recently...   

Which brings to my newest obsession...  

When I discovered Steem last week, my mind was BLOWN.  I read the whitepaper numerous times, devoured posts on curation, steem power, and the how to guides, and even explored the plethora of resources such as, and  I analyzed every detail.   

I wanted to understand everything, and it made me feel alive.    

If that wasn’t enough to seal the deal, I noticed @berniesanders is also a big supporter!  I grew up in Vermont and lived there for 22 years, so it’s great to see our long time Senator on board with Steem as well.  Ok that was a joke... I know it’s not the real Bernie Sanders.

Or is it?

I say all this to emphasize how much passion and support I bring to Steem, and how excited I am to contribute to it’s growth and long term success.  My goal is to optimize my posts for quality, comment on as many badass posts as possible, answer any and all questions from new members, and curate great content and help my fellow minnows grow to be dolphins and beyond. 

Since this is an intro post I will finish off with a little additional information about myself.  I have a degree in clinical nutrition.  I grew up in Vermont, completed my undergrad in New York, and graduate degree/internship in Richmond, Virginia at VCU.

When I’m not voting, commenting and blogging on Steem I work mainly with head/neck cancer patients who are going through chemo and/or radiation treatment. I'm responsible for the enteral and parenteral nutrition they need to survive treatment when they're unable to eat anything by mouth.  As much as I typically enjoy my job, sports, cryptos, fitness, nutrition, and music are some of my biggest interests outside of work. 

I'd also like to give a shout out to everyone in chat that has helped me with questions, etc. over the past week and especially to @stellabelle for a comment about the different layers of Steem and how posting great content is only the beginning of what we can do to help grow this community and platform.

Comments are more than welcome, and you can also find me in the Steemit chat on a regular basis.  

Thanks for reading, it's great to be here.



Haha thanks, I appreciate the support. Honestly I spent about an hour trying to decide what to name my post... so it worked out well they posted when they did.

It's great to be here, thanks for the upvote and commenting, hope to see you around.

Welcome, and have an upvote!

Thank you! :)

Upvote for the comedy. Welcome!

Thanks, had to liven it up with some humor!

Welcome & UpVote from Russia! =)

It's great to have support from all over the world. Thank you!

Nice to have you here!

Someone had to do it right? Sorry thats a wang bot joke :)

I think we have the same desire to learn everything and drill down into the details. Im looking forward to reading more.

The upvote is for taking wangs line hahah.

Thanks wingz, good to see we share that trait and I look forward to posting a lot more in the future.

Welcome to Steemit:) Hope you enjoy your time here and don't get disheartened if you don't get much attention at first.

Thanks for the upvote and welcome, I wont worry about attention or payouts I'm definitely here for the long term!

If you were a road sign, what would you say?

Ciao! Ciao!

This guy right here is awsome.. Lol he's the one who sent me the white paper :)

Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to Steemit @driv3n!

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Good Luck!,

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