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#introduceyourself doIfeellucky...

So I’m a bit late with this but I figured better late than never…

I use the alias DoIfeellucky.


Btw. in the picture that’s Otto, a JRT and one of our dogs.

I’m a Husband, an IT guy, a biker, a dog owner and crypto nut. I’m born in the States but I lived mostly in Europe. And since I’m an OpSec fan as well (for a lot of reasons) the things I want to share about me are somewhat limited.


IMHO crypto in general but especially decentralized social media is nothing short of a revolution we’re part of.

I don’t want to bore the heck out of you at all… this text is probably already a typical TL:DR case, so I’ll only try to give some background to what drove me to crypto and STEEMIT. Maybe I share some other personal stuff somewhere down the road too.

The short story… IT guy, got into crypto, liked the idea of STEEMIT and started posting.

Long story… frankly very long…

I'm a child of the 60ties and I work in InfoSec (IT security officer).

I've started my IT career in the mid eighties as an RPG II/III, Pascal, Cobol and Assembler programmer. Starting with an IBM business partner then switched to an insurance company thereby moving from midrange to mainframe systems and mainly taking care of networks as a systems programmer.

In the early nineties I worked on building local area and distributed networking environments for banks and insurance companies. I worked employed and self employed and I also ran an IT consultant business on the side.

So I came around quite a bit in my job, not only in fintech but other industries as well and I had the chance to learn a few things along the way.

I finally specialized in InfoSec. Part of my job 10 years ago was penetration & breach testing as well as "firefighting" IT operational issues and IT security issues.

This was when I also came in touch with password/hash-cracking-rigs. From here it was kind of natural to get into crypto mining a little later as well. Not as early as I would wish for now - for obvious reasons - but still early enough to make some profits with my own mining operation (2013-2015). I also invested a little in Bitcoin back in 2013. Just in time to get a bit goxxed. I wasn’t hit that hard like others there though… I lost ~3 BTC. I learned the hard way not your keys not your coin… duh (Mt. Gox crypto exchange went belly up in 2014 after being hacked) a little later in 2014).

When my operational cost of mining went up significantly in 2014 I continued mining a little longer - mostly Litecoin - 'til fall of 2015, then I sold my mining rigs and HODLed my mined LTC.

I wasn't doing much with crypto until early 2017. In 2017 I started to play around a little with some of my LTC stack and I invested in Bitcoin on a regular basis. I do this up to date by weekly DCAing into Bitcoin mainly but I also have invested into some other coins and every now and then I will power up STEEM as well.

So why STEEM?

Well I had a STEEMIT account since fall 2017 but I didn’t do much with it until @TheycallmeDan moved his content from YouTube to STEEMIT/D!tube. Following his content motivated me to start doing my research around STEEM and I liked a lot of what I’ve learned. Since I’m highly committed to my day job the time I could/can spend here was/is limited.

I believe in the uncensored blogging platform, diverse and immutable content and that content creators get paid for their contributions by the community/viewers/readers. A big contrast to big social media companies making all the profit with the data they use/steal form their users and eventually, pah effectively misuse further to control media and minds for money and power.

What I’ve learned in the world we live in made me a little disillusioned but not frustrated regarding what we are presented with in terms of personal freedom, sovereignty, politics and economics.

Wow you made it all the way down here in this text beast?


Well you could have moved on to more interesting content already. That’s not on me!

So I guess I’ve maybe been a bit red pilled (claim/hopefully/possibly) and I’m falling down the rabbit hole ever since by accident and also by profession too so to say. Who knows how far down it goes?


… and if what we do here makes us some STEEM too that’s absolutely fine with me also.

The wide range of content here by people from all over the world and from almost all walks of life is, entertaining to say the least and can be educational and even enriching. I also like the concept of positively enabling others by viewing/reading/seeing content, sharing, commenting, up voting and engaging with the community.

So there you got it… I want to be part of the STEEM community and maybe you’ll like some of my content. I'm looking forward enjoying great content by other authors/creators (btw not necessarily just about crypto), interesting and vibrant discussions, interesting people and a lot to learn from and I wish you the same!

I’m curious for your content and I’ll definitely work on making shorter posts in the future. Fingers crossed so hard they’re vibrating.

Don’t be shy! Give me a follow if you like and drop me a comment!



Great intro post...I'm new to Steemit myself, haven't done my intro post yet, guess I'm looking for a bit of direction/inspiration - it's all a bit overwhelming!

Thanks! How's my follow and 100% upvote for some inspiration!

Welcome to STEEM then too!

You'll find a lot very helpful people here in STEEM! What I've seen so far just be yourself and write about that in your introduction. If you haven't done so already do yourself a favor and follow https://steemit.com/@theycallmedan. He'll give you so much inspiration and motivation to last for aeons! I got some great responses to my introduction post from very helpful Steemians. Please look through the comments in this post and https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@doifeellucky/doifeellucky-1551808433524-doifeelluckys-twitter-feed--20190305-185353.

If you need some more tips (with some shameless self promotion and a bunch of reflinks (;-) or without that too... ) let me know. I'll try to point you to the people besides @theycallmedan and tools that I have found very helpful.

I know it can/it will be a little overwhelming doing the first steps around here. It'll get easier but for sure not less fun!

What I have forgotten was to point you to a really beautiful and professional introduceyourself article by @paulpartan https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@paultarpan/who-you-are-my-first-introducing-post.

That thing simply knocked out of the park for me! Paul mentions the great help from @paulag. See the comments in his post please. I tip my hat for this great article and @paulag! She also offers free training!


great intro, theycallmedan is an amazing dude. Thank you also so much for promoting my course and the delegation offer, I hope that it can help many.

welcome to steem, do let me know if you have any questions

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I didn't see this before - I was just looking through my profile to try and become more familiar with things, went to my wallet and saw a reward amount with a link that sent me to this comment thread....I almost forgot I even posted this comment and now I have a reward for it and I had no clue that a thread had developed just from 1 little comment I posted a week ago! I hope I don't seem rude by taking so long to respond to things, I don't even recognise that something new has happened when I log in!!....I'll get the hang of it eventually, just have to keep fumbling my way through until stuff starts to make sense - really keen to have a look at your training course and see if that helps me :)

Hi and welcome here! When I started on steemit, my biggest problem was to find interesting people to interact with. So, to help newcomers getting started I created a directory with other interesting and or talented steemians to follow or interact with. Feel free to check it out at https://www.steemiandir.com I am sure it will help you find like-minded people. Enjoy your stay here and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Thanks for the welcome and I make sure to look into https://www.steemiandir.com!

Welcome and what a great intro

Thanks! Happy to be here! Followed and upvoted!

Welcome to steemit buddy. Late better than nothing, keep posting and engage eith the commu ity. Cheers

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Thanks! I'm on it! Followed and upvoted! Cheers!

Cool buddy.. the more the merrier😂😂

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Great post! That's a pretty impressive background in computers. Remind me to stay on your good side :) Ride on and Steem on!

Thanks! Background... haha... most of it is outdated - which comes natural in IT - and no sweat I'm all good side ;-)

Thank you!

Hi and Welcome 😊 itd nice to have you joining the comunity, i have been here for a while now and I really like it, i love the feeling of freedome to create and interact in a new creative way. I hope that together we all will help this the best mediaplatform ever ✌🏻 Please feel free to follow and if you have any questions i would be pleased to help if i can. Have a nice day and take care.

Thank you! Followed and upvoted!

Llegue aquí leyendo la guía de iniciación de la pagina, como tu tengo algún tiempo con esta cuenta pero no se aun como sacarle el mayor provecho. tu publicación me ha dado la idea de investigar un poco mas, espero que tengas mucha suerte y te deseo muchos seguidores!!

¡Gracias! ¡Y diviértete explorando!

Upvoted y seguido por el camino!

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Welcome to Steemit
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Thanks for the welcome! I'm already using Partiko in parallel! Still thanks for the tip!

Well Otto I like you white SNOET
your boss lived in Europe so he must know what that means. Welcome and let me know if I can help the both of you. Your journey Will be fun. See @heyhaveyamet for other newcomers highlighted by us. And check out Steemify its a Free app and really helpfull

Thanks for welcoming Otto and me! I followed you and will look for your content!

Thank you! Glad to be here!

Welcome back man!😎

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Thanks for the welcome!

Great to have you (back) onboard, @doifeellucky, and thanks for the nice (albeit late) introduction! You're coming back at a really good time, as activity (and steem price) bottomed out in the past few months and is about to take off. My best tip: give yourself the challenge of posting, upvoting and commenting on something at least a few times a week for one month. That'll give you a great fresh start, some more followers, some solid steem power and a feel for the community. Good luck!

Thanks for the welcome and your tip. I'm all over it... ;-)

Wow so cute im a dog lover too

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Thanks! You wanna know the best thing about him... yeah he's cute but he knows that too! ;-))))! And he's not a bit smug about that! :)


Awesome vita! Love that infosec stuff.

Thanks my friend! I myself am not so sure about that love thing with infosec but... it's not boring! Hahaha!

And you? Not interested in posting something here on STEEM?

Hermoso cachorro muy lindo ❤

¡Muchas gracias amiga! ¡Se lo diré!

Welcome to Steemit @doifeellucky, I will be following you and upvote you whenever I'm online and you post!


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Thanks! Followed back! Looking forward to your content as well!

Hello @new steemer welcome to Steemit. It's a great platform for creating content. I am sure that in the future it will become the number 1 platform. I will be glad to read you.
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Thanks for the welcome! Followed you and will look into your content!

I wish you a Welcome Back then ;) ♪♫•.•°°•. And its never to late, starting is the way to go :D
Ha ha nooo im not bored yet, you seems to puuurrfect fit the blockchain, good luck and im looking forward to see more from you
& my nose pack greats yours & espeacially Otto :D

Thanks for the welcome! I'll tell Otto! Greetings back!

your so welcome :D! Otto can come for a -happy go bounce with the swedish pack Grey & Remus now :D

You are welcome to the best blockchain platform that pays you for every task. You post worth something

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Hello @doifeellucky

This is Rosa. Welcome on board. As you can tell from my username, traveling is what brought me to Steemit. I am part of the Mentoring team on Steem to help newbies to get comfortable and can start using one of the Decentralized app effectively.

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Enjoy your Steemit journey,

Thanks for the welcome!

Congratulation you win the "Make it rain" upvote round ! because you deserve it ! keep posting and Steem on !

🚀 🌕

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Welcome to Steemit! :)

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