Hello Steemit! I'm Deivid from Brazil also known as Hackerman 2.0, Pun Joke King or Real Life Super Hero

Sorry for not having an proper verification pic with sign and all that, just realized that I don't have pen and paper at home. But trust me, I am myself. You wouldn't understand my handwriting anyway :D

Ok, Whoami?

My name is Deivid Luchi, I'm Brazilian and not even close to be famous or popular. I had a blog a few years back with good public but not to be considered something. More on that later.

I have a Technological Degree in Information Security and since I was a little kid I'm passionate about computers. Because that all my life is somewhat linked with technology in general, trying always be tuned in what is happening, now my target is Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptos in general and the one that I'm most excited to be part of it, Steemit.

The hackerman nickname came from that. When my friends were playing with toys and stuff I was doing something in my old win95 computer.

Why am I here?

I am here for many reasons. First of all I love to produce content and help people, Steemit look like a good place to publish my articles and if I can help anyone in the process it's pretty good.

As I said earlier I'm into blockchain and cryptos now. I'm studying for about one year but know bitcoin since 2012 (didn't have maturity to understand at the time so set aside) and Steem is one of the projects that I'm looking, and it's already one of my favorite.

Steemit looks like a good place to discover new things and meet people with same interests, that's good too.

And finally, the most challenging reason: practice my writing skills in English. I only write in Portuguese, my main language as you could guess, so don't mind my weak grammar and typos but you can correct me if feel necessary.

About me

  • 26 years old
  • Brazilian
  • Before you ask, I don't like Samba, Carnaval and Soccer
  • Antifraud and cyber security analyst
  • 10 years of professional experience in IT field
  • Apple fanboy and former Genius
  • Really bad with jokes (or good, depending on the point of view)
  • Speak: Portuguese and English (I can speak, but I'm not saying that other people will understand me, this go for both languages :D )
  • Blogger coming back from retirement
  • In love with survivalism
  • Very good at archery (by a twist of fate I lost the chance to participate in the Olympics)
  • Black belt in Hapkido and Blue belt in Arnis Kali
  • Super nerd (With comic books, games, Star Wars, the complete package)
  • Airsoft player
  • Bookworm
  • Beer connoisseur
  • Almost a Barista (if IT blows up or machines take control, who knows)
  • Trying to learn/understand now: Meditation, programming (Python, JS), Machine Learning, Blockchain and cryptos, and piano (failing miserably in the last one)

Survivalism + Martial Arts Skills + Archery Skills + Hacking Skills + Comic book nerd = Real Life Super Hero nickname. I just don't go out on the street in a costume fighting crime because I'm not bulletproof yet.

Social Networks

What I will write about?

Mainly about hacking and security information but sometimes I can venture in one of the topics above. As I said a couple of times, I had a blog about information security, with something like 5k articles but last year I got sick of it and retire from writing and maintain the blog. I still have some articles and will post here eventually, after translate of course, it's all in Portuguese. My intention is to start publishing the "for dummies" category to build a knowledge base and after that dig deeper in the subject.

Information security is more than never a big deal, with everything connected bad guys won't waste time, they will do everything to rob/scam you for profit (or activism, religious purposes, political purposes and so on) and I see lots of people that don't know or don't care at all. This motivated me to start writing about then and now.

Thank You!

Thanks for reading all of this, sorry about my English is a work in progress and count on me for everything related to spread the word and contribute with the community.


Hello Deivid!

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Welcome to Steemit, deividluchi! I wish you an awesome journey here in this awesome community :

Thanks! The crypto communities are very welcoming and a healthy environment.

Welcome @deividluchi I'm portugues but living in Brazil. we have same interest I praticed JUDO and archery.

Nice to know that we have fellow Portuguese speaking in the community.

Temos varios portugueses e brasileiros que postam na tag #pt para melhor visualidade

Opa não sabia, valeu pela dica!

and help people, Steemit look like a good place to publish my articles and if I can help anyone in the process it's pretty good.

You got that right David.
i have just the place for you #dynamicsteemians discord server. there is a writing class there you could join and impact steemians through the server.
would be honored to have you there sir.

Steemit is more about community and growth not just money.

Oh, nice. I'm not too active on discord but joining right now.

Thanks for the tip

I used to love Apple so much. Love Star Wars and the Karate Kid. I like your photos.

I'm not sure if I love Apple products or if its just their default brainwash. Anyway are good products.

Welcome to Steem, @deividluchi!

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Hey @deividluchi! Welcome to this wonderful community! You'll meet great and amazing people here... Write freely and keep steeming :)

Hello @deividluchi, i really like this way of introduction. Thats why i refer to you in my post. please have a look.

Good to know, thank you so much!

Bem vindo ao Steemit! Mando um salve aqui de São Paulo/SP. Uma dica, se for postar em português o pessoal dos projetos @camoes e @lusofonia recomenda a adoção da tag #pt. Se precisar existe tb o wiki Steem.center com a tradução do FAQ e guias para iniciantes. Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!


Aproveitando, como seria a melhor forma de publicar tanto em português quanto ingles? Publico ambos num mesmo post com os dois idiomas ou crio um para cada?

Valeu pela dica e grande abraço!

Eu prefiro postar exclusivamente em um idioma, com links para as versões em outras línguas qdo possível. Acho que tem posts que são de interesse específico para um público só e nem sempre vale fazer a versão. Com posts diferentes tb dá para comparar a performance das recompensas, como em português existe menos competição, os rendimentos costumam ser maiores. Valeu!

Belas dicas, farei isso, valeu!

Boa cara! Seja bem vindo ao Steemit e desejo muito sucesso a você aqui. Valeu!

Opa valeu camarada! Sempre bom poder contar com a comunidade brasileira em um aperto :)

Hello! Welcome to Steem! You can try Partiko at https://partiko.app/ it's a very fast and beautiful Steem app and has cool features like push notifications and sliding vote!

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Nice! Good to know, I'll look for it.