Blessings be upon you. The CoP knows you and thinks you have already arrived. We appreciate righteousness does not pay the bills, but it's something.

The Holy Piglet is comfortable, but mildly annoyed because a seagull shat on our Learjet.

Go in peace.

Tho I'm glad any donations I shall give in the future go to the quick and efficient dissemination of profound thought and deed through rapid air travel.
I can now sleep tight at night.
Yur crackin' me up here...

Effectiveness may have suffered, but we are nothing if not efficient. We may need a bigger plane to avoid refuelling stops, though, so maybe the seagull was a blessing after all.

One would certainly HOPE you would get a new plane, after being besmirched by a bird most foul. I've seen much more carried forth for much less a slight.