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First and foremost, hello to the whole Steem community! Happy to have (finally) joined. I am thrilled to see how active this community is, I am still getting around (newbie alert XD).

A little bit about me, I started with State of the DApps in June 2017 and I have learned so much by being part of the team. It has been really amazing to see the DApp ecosystem grow so much in such a short amount of time.

I cannot say all DApps are amazing, far from it...but it is interesting how trends and the hype factor changes over time. We’ve seen quite a few since then. Collectibles, idle games, ponzis, World Cup, gambling types and the list goes on.

A bit about me, I’ve been in event production and event management for close to 10 years now. Events from arts and culture, music festivals, political panels and ceremonies, to now tech and blockchain summits, Hackathons, workshops and so on.

I do not have technical skills as a developer but I love working with developers, it’s another way of speaking then working with communication people!

I’m always here to help as much as I can, i don’t bite, I promise, feel free to reach out to me about your DApp or event.


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Welcome @ctrlalt, state of the dapps has really helped put the whole dapps space into perspective for me. I would often hear rumour of what was happening over on EOS or Ethereum but would never really know how us over here on Steem compared. Nice to have a place to go now to get some objective measures. Thank you to you and your team for the work that you do on this, its a big help and should drive greater adoption across the space as a whole. Cheers!

Thanks @nonzerosum for your message. That's great to hear! As you know it by now, hopefully, we are here for the DApp ecosystem, and are always keen to working with likeminded people. So send missing dapps our way even if you aren't the author, this is a community work :)

Will do!

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Welcome to the Steemit Wonderland 😊✨

Welcome to the Steem, @ctrlalt.
Yeah, we tend to be active 24x7/365. Steem never sleeps!
And trust me, neither any of us bite. 😂

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I love it! I can't promise I will be awake 24/7 though hehe

Worry not, I will be there to F5 you.

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Yo yo! So great to have you in here @ctrlalt .... seems to be amazing how things grow in the same direction when we are engaged with Blockchains.

Welcome to Steem!

Thank you @leotrap Please to e-meet you! I completely agree with you, as long as we are all in this together!

Welcome yo Steem! It is really fun to have you here. Your website is so cool!
If you need help, just let me know! :)

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@resiliencia thank you, will keep that in mind :)

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Hello @ctrlalt, welcome to the amazing STEEM Blockchain. We are glad to have you here. I really like your username and probably you can create a post in the future explaining how and why you went with it. Haha!

All the very best for the new adventure. ;) Cheers!

Thanks @hungryhustle ! That's a good idea. Could you direct me to the best "channel" to write such a post?

Sure @ctrlalt, You can use the following Steem front-ends to write such a blog or any kind of blog for that matter:

  1. https://steemit.com/
  2. @Steempeak - My favorite choice as a web client. I use it generally while I am browsing through my desktop.
  3. @Partiko - My favorite STEEM app for mobile
  4. @esteemapp - Their desktop application is amazing.
  5. https://busy.org/

Choose what suits you best. :))

Aaah I miss spoke, I meant which first tag to select for my post to be listed on. Such as this one "introduceyourself".. :P

Haha. Not a problem @ctrlalt. Check the widely used tags on Steemit:


You can choose the ones that are relevant to your blog. Since you have used #introduceyourself already, do not use it again. You can create your own tags as well. Keywords that are appearing in your blog frequently. Helps people to find your blogs in different categories. It works similar to medium tags or twitter tags. Hope this helps!

Super helpful! Thanks a bunch !!

Welcome, @ctrlalt. I love your user name, I can't believe that in two years no one snagged that name!

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hehehe @wholeself-in I know right! Well, here we are I snatched it! ;)

And they call themselves developers...

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Nice one you newbie hahaha! What a great username!!! :)

Thats cool that you got yourself an account now on here, im sure you will have a big influence to others about Dapps and will be teaching me and others some cool things!

This picture is in Sweden or Norway, or?!

Hey @movingman thanks haha. I hope to be of as much help as possible!

Close enough, in Denmark actually! Good guess!

There were some words that wernt norsk eller svensk, but I had no clue on danish language!

Long live Christiania and Thy!

People think im from Denmark when Im speaking norwiegen hahahahaahahah

Hahaha nice!!! I get a few words in Danish but that’s it! You are from Norway?

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Im English but have been stayin near to Oslo since a few years, now I needed a change and so I came to Poland, theres nothing for me to do in Norway january and febuary, its just cold and dark for 18hours a day 😂

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Nice to meet you! It is @yasu24. I am Japanese. I posted an article introducing the State Of The DApps contest to Japan.


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Hi @yasu24 that’s awesome!

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Hallo...welcome to the steemit community
Big hug for you 🤗

ah you live in berlin? Sind sie deutcherin?!

Welcome!!!♥♥♥ ;-D

Welcome to Steem!

So cool to see state of dapps here!

Great to c u here! Welcome and we hope u feel at home ! Did Santa bring u great presents?

Welcome to Steem. Thanks for listening to the community and getting Steem apps listed on #Stateofthedapps.

Hi @ctrlalt and welcome! I too am a Steemit newbie and excited to be apart of the community. Sounds like I need to check out State of Dapps as well. Anyway, hope to see what all you bring to the community! Be Cool and Always Abide!


This is a lovely introductory post, Thank you for taking the time to write the post and say hello to the community!

I am here to help!

I would encourage you to keep posting and comment on others users content to help make a name for yourself and to get the most out of the platform!

Feel free to comment on my content and I'll up vote your comments! Drop me a follow so you can comment a lot and get a lot of my upvotes!

I have upvoted your post!

Luppers :)

Welcome to steemit :)

what is the best event story, that you have ever managed and been to? and what is one of the worst you have ever managed?

Hi @welcometolife that is a very good question. I've done so so so many cool events in various industries.

I have to say one of the worst experience and outcome was for a political debate panel held on university grounds. We had various stakeholders that were for and against a new law being signed in Canada.
Our panelists were instructed of the format of the discussion prior to the event, and also asked to stay away from certain topics and self-promotion or pity cases.

Well, what happened, one speaker tried the whole time to steal the spotlight and talk about absolutely depressing facts that weren't proof based just to have a shock factor. It killed the whole room's mood!

One great event was for Moby, the singer is super cool, very down to earth. We had a man in the crowd who asked us if we could ask Moby to let him on stage so that he could propose to his wife-to-be. Moby was psyched "Of course I'll do it, just wait for my queue and then come on stage!". So, i stayed near the stage and waited for Moby's queue and brought the man to the stage and he proposed, she said yes, we brought her on stage, they hugged Moby, cried of joy and then went back in the crowd.
It was so much fun! <3

haha yeah i can see how the political debate event would of been super depressing!!

NAWWW!! that is actually quite cute haha, what a way to propose though.
I was at a foo fighters concert once in Melbourne, Australia where I live and someone proposed on stage as well. There's just something about the atmosphere that makes it amazing when someone proposes.

your job seems pretty cool haha!

I was thinking about creating some of my own events soon (even though ive never done it, but like meet up events for charity, and coordinating it through likeminded youtubers/ content creators and have it like worldwide in a few countries) So that's my little project to work on, as soon as I get used to creating content and get a motorbike licence, since the first one i want to do is a motorbike ride.

It was nice hearing from you :) stay safe.

Welcome! well, believe me, steem is always active and I'm sure you'll be surprised how well you'll do!

Dapp's world is fascinating and this is just the beginning, hope to read more about you and your work soon!

@nowonline soon for sure :) will share more weekly!

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Welcome, I see you already ran out of RC, that's a relatively new problem here. The intent is great, but needs fixing so newcomers aren't so limited in what they can do right out of the gate. Good news is, the work being done by Steemit Inc atm will make the experience a lot smoother. Until then I suggest you power up all you can so you don't have to wait so long for RC to recharge.

You are using Partiko like me. Amazing.

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Welcome to the best community ever!

Welcome to Steemit, look forward to reading great updates from you!

Welcome ctrlalt!
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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to steemit @ctrlalt.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Welcome to Steemit! You have taken the first step in achieving many goals here at the crossroads of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social media. Consistent engagement is needed to progress and grow your following and influence. I am currently working on a weekly post to curate new users and providing them an introduction to the ecosystem. I have selected your post as one I will feature in an upcoming post! I explain this initiative on one of my previous post.

There are a number of great content creators on the platform to help you on your journey. I have recently ran into a great post by @roleerob that is great to get off to a great start here on the ecosystem. As I continue to expand this initiative, I continue to find great content and guides for new users such as this post from @finnian who not only includes a great step-by-step process of registering for #Steemit but also provides great security and engagement tips as well to help you on your journey. Another great user creating content for new Steemians is @paulag who is creating community backed video series on learning to navigate STEEM.

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Congratulations on your first Partiko post!

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You are lovely and so fun.

Welcome! Im new here too. Hope we can have a good time and share our ideas with all this people over here :)

Welcome to Steemit, look forward to reading great updates from you!

Welcome to the Steemit community!

Hello @ctralt. I really like your presentation and how you talk about the things you've been working on. I wish you much success in the Steemit community.

Welcome to Steem! Nice scarf!

Willkommen! :)

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Welcome to Steem @ctrlalt! Hope you enjoy your stay and meet many new and amazing people!

Welcome. Follow you

Great to have you here @ctrlalt! I like your honesty and look forward to future articles about the events your are a part of.
There are all sorts of people on here so happy exploring to find the ones you click with.
Enjoy STEEM 👍🏻

@ctrlalt Welcome to Steemit! May your journey here be as extraordinary and incredible as mine! Greetings!

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