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RE: Hello, Steemit! Veerprit in Vancouver entering the community :)

I have seen that top picture used in 2 other posts; I am downvoting until the actual owner verify's that it is them.

If it is you, nothing personal, and I will remove downvote as soon as you are verified.



@boy @recursive @daniel.pan @demotruk @shoesnfood @stels13d @izzy @r33drum @piramida @laonie

First thing I did when I woke up was take this verification pic so I can get rid of those downvotes lol, I'll get more creative later on and put up a better one, but for now.....

Downvote removed



That's so odd! and creepy.. I'll do it first thing in the morning!

Cool, thanks and it will stop people using the image again :-)


There ya go! Will put up a more fun one later. Let's get rid of those downvotes :)

I didn't see your tagged message, but I've removed my downvote now. Sorry about that.

Confirmed and downvoted too for same reason. Will remove downvote upon verification. Thanks

Just added a verification! Will put up a more fun one later :)

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