This is a bit surprising. I have never been asked to verify myself before but anyone can write to me at wendyATwendymcelroyDOTcom and I will be pleased to respond with a "yes, I just joined Steem." Hmm...I think I'll go to my blog tonight or tomorrow and post that I've joined; my blog has been actively mine and me for over ten years so it is difficult to fake. I prefer this method of verification to the photo posting because I like to keep facial images to a minimum on the internet.

BTW, the reason George Donnelly 'vouched' for me was because I've had the pleasure of working with him on a writing project and I came to Steem at his suggestion. I'm not taking the slightest offense here...but I've not encountered this situation before.

As a friend of George and longtime acquaintance of Wendy's, I'll vouch for her too.

Hello Wendy - you could also just repost this or something indicating that this is you on your account ;-)

That's probably the easiest way to verify myself -- short of what I did this morning, which was to look in mirror and say "yes, that's me." I posted a tweet about joining about two minutes ago.

Also - here is a great guide to get into the swing of things from some of the early Steemians:

The reason why steemians would like to see some verification is that we have seen many fake accounts here. Impostors are trying to make money by claiming that they are some public figure and copying their texts.

No need to take any pictures, that's only one way of verification (and not even very good because images can be photoshopped). At least one person on the comments has emailed and verified you so that's enough for me (if somebody is still suspicious, they can email you too).

Understood, and the explanation makes sense. I just used my twitter account to announce that I'd joined Steem so there's extra verification.

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