Introduction: Who is Cryptic Gamer? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Who is Cryptic Gamer? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I thought I would take a moment to properly introduce myself.

Why did I join Steemit?

My reason for joining Steemit is quite simple, I really like Steem Monsters.

Since I needed to have a Steemit Account to play, I figured why waste?

I really only want to add value on here, any earnings I get on here will probably go straight into Steem Monsters.

Over time I will also do some giveaways, I started running some on Facebook, Twitter and decided to add Steemit to my list as well.

My focus here on Steemit will be 90% Crypto Gaming.

So who exactly am I?

5. Willie Theron.png


The Good

In this section it will feel like I am boasting, But I do not feel like I am, this will make more sense later.

I believe that a person can only truly be happy if they are satisfied in 5 spheres of life.

Those are Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Spiritual.

So in order to answer the good about myself, I want to answer them in context of those 5 spheres.


I started studying to become a programmer, never completed my degree, never stopped learning. I spent most of my early 20's pushing myself.

When I turned 21 I started freelancing for a Web Development Company, by the time I was 24 I had taken over the company.

Over the last 5 years I developed my own style of Artificial Intelligence programming. This style I developed has allowed me to become a finalist in South Africa's biggest Artificial Intelligence Competition for 3 years in a row.
In about a month from now I am going to Comic Con to partake as a finalist for my 4th year.


I am currently working on a Crypto Collectible Card Game where Card Graphics are generated by Math (Anime Styled 2D graphics). This is still in early stages of development, but if I succeed I am confident it will rival the best of Crypto Games.


Somehow I managed to achieve Financial Freedom for the first time at the age of 26. I say first time because I completely messed things up. I had saved up about 40 months of my living expenses, I was earning what I lived from passively.
Then I did the one thing that I believe kills any progress in life, I upgraded. I raised my living expenses and after 1 year and 5 months I had managed to burn through everything. I had become broke.

In January of 2019, I decided to move back into a smaller place, and I am back to being financially free.

Some stats:

  • I earn my rent and basic needs from passive income.
  • I own a Web Development company, with a few hundred clients, which generates extra income.
  • I currently have some government contracts for work
  • Quite interestingly, I can make a living by playing Crypto Games alone.

I hit a Crypto Game called Prospectors quite hard, and I am currently one of the top earners on it.
I am also earning from a few other games. But Prospectors is by far my top earner.

If I had to put this into context, Most days I earn over $100 gaming. In some areas of the world that might not be a big deal, but where I live it can really do a lot (South Africa).

I am free. I have a stable enough income to live comfortably, but I also have freedom of time.



I am lucky, When I was 21 years old I met the girl of my dreams. We have been together for the last 7 years and never had a fight, never even had an argument. We do disagree and have debates, but nothing ever heats up.

People always say, one day. But I am convinced that our relationship will always be healthy.

Besides her, few things matter to me emotionally, and I am extremely lucky and happy to have the Partner I have



Theres not much to say here, this is pretty much my weakness. I can still run a mile, I am my ideal body mass, I have a sixpack.

I am also a member of my Local Dojo where I train Shitō-ryū, It is still early, but I am only a Green Belt.

I try and exercise at least 1 hour a day but fail often. I am hoping that a Skyrim Playthrough in VR will push my exercise up a lot.



I live by numbers, but when it comes to Spirituality my conclusion is quite clear. I would rather take a 1% chance and believe in something bigger than myself, than to dedicate myself to something that has no real significance. I am at peace.

The Bad

Though life is quite well, there has been a lot of pain on my Journey.

I cannot really say I have friends in life. Outside of my life partner. Probably because I do not really like going out. Behind my computer I feel like a king.

The problem is I am introvert and sort of addicted to the lifestyle I have. If I leave my house for a few hours I soon find myself wishing I was home.

It is also not a case where I am Socially Awkward. I just get homesick really fast. I like to turn invites down.

Now in my past I also had some hardships.

I come from a broken home, When I was 15 I had to relocate and lost everything I valued. There was also a time in my life when Suicide was an active thought.

I also had a season of "Poverty" Where I had days where I did not eat because I simply had no food, nor money to get any. I sometimes had 1 bread to live on for a week. I lost a lot of weight in that season.

Now I admit, I did have people in my life I could go to for help. I was just stubborn and determined to do it on my own.

These were some bad, but ultimately they all guided me to where I am today. They had an important part to play.

As great as the high points in my life has been, I have also seen some low points.

But I also believe that these low points allowed me to get to the place I am today, and therefore I am grateful.


The Ugly

Now you might be thinking: So with everything in life going so well, what could possibly be Ugly?

About 7 months back, January 2019, I was working one morning when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my Chest.
I walked into the hall of my house and the pain pulled me to the ground.

The pain subsided, I pulled myself together. I was shaken up and went to the hospital.

Tests showed everything was fine. They told me I probably had an anxiety attack. Which was not unlikely at the time,
Three days later I tossed the pills because I believed the diagnoses was nonsense. Turned out I was right.

5 Months Later, I was sitting and working, I had been fine for 5 months, and the same thing happened again.

Having some experience with it. I focused on it a lot more and after a week of recurring episodes I went to see a Doctor to try and find out what was going on.

By this time I had discomforts in most of my joints, my face changed color, I felt pressure everywhere and I had pains in a few organs. I was also completely hunched while walking.

I had been diagnosed with Polycethemia Vera. A rare disorder that causes a person to produce too much blood. My iron levels were also too high.

More tests are being done, because even with treatment my system has not normalized, and I am still experiencing discomforts and pains internally.

Now I will not speak about this on here much. But it helps add some context into my life.

So that is a part of who I am,
I am a 28 Year old,
I am financially free, but will never retire,
I am an extremely good Programmer,
I have the most amazing life partner and friend I could ever ask for,
I am living my dream life.

And there is a chance that I am dying...

Going forward on Steemit, 90% of my content will be Crypto Gaming related,

I will also try to not waste your time, as I understand how valuable it really is.

That is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of my life.

Hoping to enjoy my time here, Cryptic Gamer

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Good that you've joined steemit, but bear in mind that steem has a lot more to offer than this one frontend ;)

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Hello @crypticgamer

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I am glad to be on here.

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Have a great day!

welcome to steemit man! really love reading about your story and thanks for sharing it with us! by the way, how did you get to know about cryptos if you dont mind me asking?

Its a strange story,

Back in 2013 I stumbled upon Bitcoin and bought a hundred dollars worth, Nah, just kidding.

It was in 2017, I was looking for ways to earn online when I stumbled upon "Faucet" websites. Basically sites that pay you in Crypto for doing serveys and such, It was not much, but it led me to the exchanges. Which led me to Crypto Kitties, and that gave me to the Gaming side of Crypto.

cool! how many crypto games are you playing currently? i play steemmonsters too, maybe we'll get to battle each other someday haha

Currently Prospectors is my big earner, I am one of the top players on Crypto Sword and magic and just pushed some into a ICO for Crypto Heroes.

But prospectors is what made me truly expand my horizons, so I am using its momentum to diversify a bit into other games as well.

But I think for now I will stick to the 4 games. Otherwise I might lose momentum.

Maybe I will see you somewhere at the top. I'm at a delayed start disadvantage.

wow so you're juggling 4 games! mad props to you man!

I am still sad that Iron Man died. Oh, welcome. I love video games.

That was a moment unlike any other,

But if I had to be honest, I would not want to change it. It was still perfect.

But there's a lot of greatness there. One of my latest sayings is: "Part of the Journey is the end".

True. Pretty epic.

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Welcome to steemit @crypticgamer.

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