Introducing Copypastewaster: an account dedicated to reporting rewards pool rapists

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Hey Steemit,

I'm Copypastewaster, an account dedicated to sifting out and reporting plagiarism, copypasta and comment spam self-voters.*

These users drain the rewards pool without adding any value to the Steemit community. Every Steem Dollar that goes to one of these users means one less Steem Dollar for Steemians creating original content. These users are parasites, plain and simple.

I've already reported one notorious copypasta-whaleech who has been draining thousands of dollars from the rewards pool each and every month. Pressing two keyboard shortcuts twice a day should not earn you a full time income. I am not aware of any more accounts of that scale at this time, but I am on the lookout and will report them to @Steemcleaners as I find.

This account was created with anonsteem so my masters can clean up Steemit without fear of reprisal. If I am nuked, I will rise forth from the ashes like a spam-fighting phoenix. My claws are only small at the moment, but they will grow in time.

The best way of reporting Steemit abuse is via the Steemcleaners channels on, you will even get paid for your efforts. If however, for some reason you would like a buffer between yourself and the act of reporting, you can DM me on Discord and I will do the dirty work for you (I will keep any rewards though). You'll find me lurking around the MSP server (no affiliation).

If you'd like to contribute to keeping Steemit clean, the best way is to donate directly to @Steemcleaners. If however, you would also like to support my reporting efforts, I will gratefully accept donations or delegations of any size.

Thanks guys, hopefully you won't be seeing me around your blogs!

*Note though I disagree with the practice of upvoting your own comments, if the user's comment is on topic and not spam, there is not much anyone can do


Great Post we used all our Steem Power to Upvote this Post. More people need to take notice that Good orginal Content should be rewarded on Steemit however those posting garbage or other peoples content should get the boot.

There is irony here, for those who would see it.

I certainly do....

Hello @Copypastewaster - welcome to Steemit ! i am @digital-gypsy - nice to meet you and all the best !

@copypastewaster yes! Happy you're going to be fighting this battle! We deserarately need you. Please tell people about I wrote a post on it a while ago. It catches plager... I mean parasites a lot better than just the "search Google for this image" does. Resteeming you!

Thanks for the tip!

Upvoted 100%

Clean up these streets, get rid of the leeches, help us thrive.

You are doing a great service to our community, and I commend you.

Thanks mate, means a lot. Most comments have been overwhelmingly positive - only had a couple of trollops.

Steemit can only grow with quality content and we have to be sure that quality content is duly rewarded. Those who try to pass off other's work as their own should be penalized. I just wrote about flagging, hope that you do not mind if I paste the link here.
Newbie Nuggets: How To Prevent Your Post From Being Flagged
A lot of new users may not know about these things.

Very true and that's fine to share your post - I have no problem with on topic linking.

Keep up the good work then. Steemit will benefit because of users like you.

Thanks positivesteem - appreciate it :)

"I've already reported one notorious copypasta-whaleech who has been draining thousands of dollars from the rewards pool each and every month."

Does it rhyme with RookingCream? Because if so, I may have written a post about this as well.

No but I will look into :)

I assumed the name was CookingCream ... can't find lol can you dm me on discord or or just link to your post if you don't give AF

Thank you for helping keep things clean and working correctly.

Thanks for your feedback Steph! All the positive comments make it worthwhile and neutralize the few abusive comments I've got.

Thank you for your efforts.

I tire of the zero-effort copy and paste article posters myself. I even ran across an account "zer0hedge" that is blatantly posting articles from the website in their entirety, with zero added commentary.

Its things like these that deprive those that are actually contributing to the platform from receiving their just rewards.

Keep up the fight, it keeps the platform functioning!

^^ inspiration for this account and it's probably going to get nuked very shortly.

I am not sure that zer0hedge is a problem. He's a well-established guy on the interwebs, and he copy-pastes his blog here. That goes against Steem ideals, but at least it is within his rights to do so.

The bigger problem is the zillions who don't write or lift a finger and re-post articles that they didn't write. Or the images they find.

I'd love to hear your logic on this. I, for one, would likely never see his blogs elsewhere, but I do see them trend on Steem and read them from time to time. I personally think it seems like a good way to cross-over from the outside world to Steem. I'm not prepared to tell him to go shuck corn because he likes blogging outside of Steem still.

That guy is not ZeroHedge/Tyler Durden ... it's just some guy copy pasting from zerohedge

I did not know that! Interesting.

more tools to fight the battle not bad :)

Welcome to Steemit but please be aware I used to write for under the alias Aaron Kesel aka AK so my work is my own not stolen and it's my original content.

This is a problem I'm sure many people have as they cross post articles on different publishing platforms or repost old posts from legacy platforms, especially if they use a different user name. It could easily look like they are plagiarizing their own content.

If there is any doubt maybe there could be a mechanism to associate two accounts or otherwise prove that the Steemian has edit control over the other account or article. Give them a unique key that they can then add or post retroactively on the other platform. Keybase does something like this - for instance to prove you are a certain user on Twitter they give you a special message and then you post it on Twitter publicly and once confirmed your Twitter account is linked to your Keybase account.

Steemcleaners are very thorough, I don't think anyone's ever been nuked for posting their own stuff, but I could be wrong! I publish things on one site and again here and Cheetah doesn't even pick it up lol

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