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Hey dude. Can you make better. It's amateur rubbish. Add more professional features and stop supporting hard forks where wallets aren't forward compatible. I'm sick of you supporting devs who steal my coins through hard forks. Why can't I give you my private keys as a way to deposit my coins? It's so annoying running a wallet to send you coins.

As a professional I would like you to make my job easier not harder!


can you be more specific? which coins forked without notifying holders and "stole" coins?
It's not uncommon for a swap to take place and bittrex to swap your wallet for you rather than zero your balance.
But I agree a priv key import would be amazing cause not all of us have friends with every chain downloaded

I'd love to do priv key import, but it cost isn't worth the usage. We won't ever import a foreign key into our wallets which means we'd have to set up a duplicate wallet for every coin. It just isn't viable. If you have an idea of how to accomplish it, i'm all ears.

As for forked coins, @blocktalk is absolutely correct. We either upgrade and follow the majority fork or risk being on a broken unsupported chain. It isn't about us supporting devs; its about us supporting the majority of users of any given blockchain.

If trex takes on a more professional look for traders like Poloniex does...I will switch to you guys just because I am from Seattle and want to see you guys do well...however I like poloniex UI much better as a trader.

Polo has been dropping the ball recently, just switched to Bittrex. Good so far, we'll see.

lol u are awesome

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