Hi, my name is Richie - I am one of the founders of bittrex.com

Hello. I'm bittrex-richie and I am the one you yell at whenever your deposit or withdrawals aren't working; or if you are unfortunate enough to have to cut us a tier 2 ticket :)

I'm 40 years old, and live in Seattle with my wife Leah and our son Mason. I'm usually not a fan of "yet another social media site", but given the work @ned, @dan and company have done with steemit, I'm on here to check things out. @bittrex-bill has already been making posts on steemit and I'm sure we'll continue to investigate ways we can leverage this platform moving forward.

You can always find me on our slack @ slack.bittrex.com and lurking in the steem slack as well. Don't be shy and stop by and say hi. Please do be weary of scammers - neither I or anyone from bittrex will ever offer you or ask you for anything.


I hope you blog about what it's like to run an exchange without giving any trade secrets. We use to hear from Vern a lot from Cryptsy. It's nice to meet the people behind bittrex.

Here's a question, how often do you have monitor the coin wallets and look for the latest upgrade or hard fork? With so many coins on your exchange, that must be a real daunting task.

Check out the https://bittrex.com/status page, they have a lot of automation in place to monitor blockchains and pause markets if forks are detected.

I hope you blog about what it's like to run an exchange without giving any trade secrets


What trade secrets could exist? I thought for exchange owners to trade on their own exchange was a bit unethic. It would be like a gambler playing on their own gambling site.

Perhaps aspects of how they handle security, or future marketing plans, etc.. Just like any business.

I can confirm this is THE bittrex-richie :)

welcome, richie!

Hey dude. Can you make bittrex.com better. It's amateur rubbish. Add more professional features and stop supporting hard forks where wallets aren't forward compatible. I'm sick of you supporting devs who steal my coins through hard forks. Why can't I give you my private keys as a way to deposit my coins? It's so annoying running a wallet to send you coins.

As a professional I would like you to make my job easier not harder!

can you be more specific? which coins forked without notifying holders and "stole" coins?
It's not uncommon for a swap to take place and bittrex to swap your wallet for you rather than zero your balance.
But I agree a priv key import would be amazing cause not all of us have friends with every chain downloaded

I'd love to do priv key import, but it cost isn't worth the usage. We won't ever import a foreign key into our wallets which means we'd have to set up a duplicate wallet for every coin. It just isn't viable. If you have an idea of how to accomplish it, i'm all ears.

As for forked coins, @blocktalk is absolutely correct. We either upgrade and follow the majority fork or risk being on a broken unsupported chain. It isn't about us supporting devs; its about us supporting the majority of users of any given blockchain.

If trex takes on a more professional look for traders like Poloniex does...I will switch to you guys just because I am from Seattle and want to see you guys do well...however I like poloniex UI much better as a trader.

Polo has been dropping the ball recently, just switched to Bittrex. Good so far, we'll see.

lol u are awesome

Great to see you on Steemit, Richie :) Big Fan!

Do not correct wang

Richie was on #Blocktalk for my second interview with Griff Green regarding the DAO exploit. I must he is quite knowledgable and very well versed in blockchain maintenance. Love the transparcy from both Richie and Bill

Interesting fact in this video. The bittrex person is all like we don't want to dictate hard forks but bittrex runs hard fork scams all the time. I've had my coins jacked from my cold wallets by cryptocoin devs and bittrex working together to hard fork away my coins.

Can you give a specific example?

Haven't seen this before, thanks for sharing.


Question: What's the likely hood of adding the STEEM logo onto Bittrex website, under the Extensive Digital Currency Support section?
I'm sure the majority here in the STEEM community would greatly appreciate the cross support. Thanks for all you're doing!

Bittrex is a great exchange. Ive never had any issues and find it to be very fast and useful. Deposits and withdrawals are always super fast. I can only imagine its not easy to maintain a good reputation while surfing the fine, sharp, opaque and conflicting lines between of changing regulation, user demands and network security. Its a bold business and youre even bolder for reaching out to us with eager transparency.

I think you set a great example. Exchange folk often seem so cryptic and anonymous to me. I love to see a face behind the machine I enjoy using every day. You guys do a great job! And thanks for adding Waves support pre-node release as well. Welcome to Steemit and keep on doing what you do! :)

PS I used to live in Ballard (Seattle), I ran Snoose Junction Pizza (bike delivery) and did open mic at Mr Spots Chai House. What part of Seattle are you in?

Heh.... we were just out at Ballard today for the seafood festival ;) ... We live up in Queen Anne.

Hide your trees :)

My girlfriend moved out of her house on the locks last year. I miss that house. It was nice sitting on the deck and watching the boats float past. It was right after that train bridge that goes up and down. The ballard locks.... it is out of my price range.

I lived on south slope for years! Great to see a face behind Bittrex!

Welcome :)
Thanks for providing a great service, I have been using Bittrex since I got into crypto. Pretty sure it was the first exchange I opened an account at. A couple years later, and I have yet to have an issue depositing or withdrawing. Keep up the great work!

Haha, submitted a ticket to you last night when it was busted. Thanks for fixing it and getting the withdrawal through :)

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