alyciá || 28 || #IntroduceYourself

HiLoves ;;; yes my first post || alyciá || 28 || #IntroduceYourself #NowOrNever

Hi loves!
I'm new to Steemit, so welcome me very kindly! My name's alyciá & I'm 28 years young.

My lifestyle is consistent, yet spontaneous. Simple, yet complex. Beautiful, yet painful. Flawless, yet blemished. [click here now]
Stay tuned for the why's? when's? what's? and most importantly, the how's?

... let me know your thoughts below!


  • one fit mommy

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Hi Alycia
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Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you. :-)

Upvoted and followed!

(If you have any questions about working with Steemit just ask and I'll answer them if I can)

I hope you have lots of fun here and make many friends! :-)
Thank you for sharing! :-)



Thanks for the love! I'll be holding you to your offer when the questions arise (:


You're very welcome. :-)
Ask me anytime and I will answer if I can. :-)
Good Luck Here! :-)
Thanks for your reply.

Welcome to Steem, @code.fitmommy!

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Hard work deserve the respect!

Welcome :)


Thank you so much!!! I'm excited to start my Steemit journey and share my life in transparency

Hello fit mommy, I'm Oatmeal, and you are amazing, love your smile, good work.


You're too sweet. I hope I can add some value to your life!


Like sugar to my oatmeal, always. How are you?

Very nice video, you are welcome to dtube, create more, thanks for your motivation as well. ☺


Thank you! Stay tuned- there's plenty more to come (:

My wife @ch4nel is also a personal trainer. Thanks for sharing the video.