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A newbie here.. :)

I'm JB.. most of the people I know call me sir.. my barkada calls mi bert.. people i know in bohol usually call me manbert.. my acquaintances in cebu call me Joseph.. others call me jabee.. sir marbul calls me SB..

but definitely you can call me gwapo :)

no matter how you choose to call me, i'm still the same ol' me

An engineer, an educator, a student, a mentor, a coffee-addict, a frustrated chef and a friend.

So expect blogs/posts on things that i teach, travel, and definitely FOOD!! :)



Welcome to Steemit gwapo! Ay este @casioffx991es. Welcome to the most amazing platform, STEEMIT.

Throughout my entire journey as a Steemian, I realized that Steemit has a lot to offer : That Steemit is :

  • A place to earn some bucks
  • To redefine yourself
  • To gain some knowledge on other users post.
  • To expand your network
  • To meet new friends
  • To understand blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.
  • To post your answer keys and solutions to exams (Hahaha).
  • To share your expertise.

Steem on, sir!

Welcome Sir!!!

Looking forward to your great blogs sir.
See you around and welcome!

By the way. Murag pang swerte kaayu na nga picture nimo sir da. Hahaha

welcome to the kingdom sir JB ..:-)

Hi Sir @casioffx991es . Erl here Sir. Welcome to the Steemit and we are all glad having you here. Enjoy the platform Sir as it gives a full pack of new worldly wonders.

Looking forward for your posts and be sure to support! Steem On Engr.Mendez :D

Hi sir gwapo @casioffx991es :)
Welcome to steemit hope you enjoy this platform :)


Welcome to the world of @steemit.
Hope you enjoy your time being here.
My helping hand is open for everyone as i need help from you too @knightofzero.

Woooahh! Welcome to the community our most handsome and charming instructor! Hahaha

Sir welcome. Ang astig na instructor sa engineering!! Enjoy staying here sir.

Yayyy!! Welcome to steemit sir! :) pa followback/upvote/resteem sir. HAHAHA :)

Welcome to steemit sir 😁😁😁

welcome to steemit platform sir!!!

steem on !!! kababayan!!

UPVOTE! UPVOTE! naa ni plus points sir? hahaha

Hi @casioffx991es ,this is @upvotedonator and your post deserves to be upvoted.
This account serves as your upvote donator, follower and your resteemer.
I'm willing to help other people grow in this community.
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Thank You!

Welcome Sir 😊👏👏👏👏.

Welcome to steemit sir! Na takdan nxd ka sa steem fever.hehe. Have fun s platform sir😁👍

hello gwapo! welcome po sa steemit. :)

Welcome to Steemit @casioffx991es! Steemit empowers every member to become one with the community. Shine with the use of your talents. Be known and also earn.

Welcome to Steemit Sir!!
Looking forward to your posts.

Steem On!

Welcome sir @casioffx991es!
Nindot kaayo ni diri sir! Hahahahahaha.

If you wish to join the discord channel of the Steemph community, here is an invitation link.

Welcome to Steemit sir :)

Welcome to steemit, sir! May the steem be always on your favor. 🤗

welcome sir

Welcome to Steemit gwabo.Good luck.

Welcome to steemit sir 😃