Breaking News: InvestorPlace Launched Positive Steemit Coverage! (and I need YOUR HELP)!!

Financial and business news resource InvestorPlace Media just launched today its first-ever in-depth coverage of Steemit, and this article was written by none other than your homeboy, @bullishmoney! Please do yourself, your loved ones, and anyone you like (or even dislike) a BIGLY favor and read/share/like this piece --


Steemit FINALLY Gets Media Coverage After a Year Hiatus!

"Why Facebook Inc (FB) Should Fear This Social Media Kingslayer" discusses the point that while Facebook enjoys unprecedented dominance in the social media sphere, Steemit is aiming to become a giant killer! The reason is obvious -- why waste your time blogging for free on Facebook when you can get paid on Steemit? Furthermore, you are engaging the cryptocurrency markets, the future of finance and global commerce!

My fellow Steemians -- this is what we have been waiting for! A major push of mainstream media coverage that positively portrays the Steemit opportunity. We always knew that Steemit was going to be the number one social media network; this article, and hopefully many others like it, will get us there quicker! :)

Steemians Helping Steemians

I do however, have a MAJOR ASK! As many of my followers know, I don't do e-begging. But this time, I must make an exception. I boldly proclaimed that this article will be easily one of the most heavily-trafficked or engaged pieces for this week.

I'd really love not to make a fool out of myself in front of the editors at InvestorPlace! So please check out the post, and if you'd like to go the extra step and share among your friends, or those who you are trying to convince to join Steemit, send them this link!

Thank you all so very much!

Once again, the Steemit vs. Facebook article can be found here --


@bullishmoney Steem for 3,25 USD each, did i miss something recently?

Anyway, keep up the great work you do for the Steem community!

No, that was a quote from a Yahoo Finance piece a year ago!

Beautiful article!
Really Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Upvoted!! And Shared!!

Thank you, you're on it, too!

Yupppp!!! Thank you so much @bullishmoney !!
I appreciate it and very grateful :))

Good morning.... big thumbs up and a follow!

Awesome gif! Thank you! :)

Steemit is nothing short of a Paradigm Shift. I'm confident people will embrace this platform in staggering numbers - and rightfully so. I makes so much more sense than Facebook and other Social Media Platforms on numerous levels. I'm glad to have stumbled across it recently - I just wish I would have earlier! Go Steem-it!!!!!

For what it's worth, I think we're still very early in the STEEM game!

A nicely written piece, and quite a coup getting such good placement. Well done.

Great job on getting the word out on Steemit, this can only benefit our platform here!

Yeah, the extra volume will only serve to legitimize and normalize Steemit! :)

A nice written piece ,th (3).jpgyou did a great job mate kip it up
Please follow
support- #faithinhumanity

Попахивает агитацией...)

Вот такой я бессовестный :))

Good article. Upvoted and will folluw u.
Keep it up.

And the elitist bankers are going to have a shitfit because their middleman cash flow is gone!

Bring it on!

By the way upvoted and resteemed. Return the favor whenever you can. Thanks

Government is like fire....useful when small and controlled, dangerous when it gets too large. We've been dancing to the music of the Centralized Currency Supply for far too long. Nice to see there is an alternative becoming more and more available.

Yup! The bankers don't like the fact that they can't skim off of all the transactions in the world because the blockchain technology renders middlemen obsolete! :)

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