Why I call Myself Bullionstackers? Want to know more - Please Read and UpVote

Hi Steemians,

@bullionstackers here

Why I call myself @bullionstackers in #steemit ?

Up until today, no one knows why.
Here, is the reason why.
Here, a bit of proof. I don't like to show off. But there is a question of doubt, here by many steemians.
I did had a boat accident. I guess, I sank them all. There is a saying. I hope you get it.

Also I am running a campaign for Whale-Power , not being a Whale though. I will tell you more soon. Stay Tune.

I am in the Neutral Zone here, please don't involve me in Steemit Politics , I am Independent Candidate.

Please Upvote Number 1 in you Voting Box in my Campaign


Photography and Author by @bullionstackers
Day Photography - Original By @bullionstackers

All Copyright Reserve

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The secret is out lol!

When I see this post I think:


Same here, I heard it loud n clear.

That looks a little bit under 2kg, am I close? that's an impressive stack. Cheers

Hmmm... not quite get it.

You sank them all in to steem boat?

Steem Power my friend...more Steem Power.

I am your loyalty supporter!
You are the best as you have such a kind heart!

Already following u :)

Followed you! I'm a stacker as well

im kr newbie
i love steem
your power give me
boting , follw me ^^;

You're the man!

thanks for sharing.

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The gold stacker ;o

Nice stack man. I also stack, physical silver of course :).

nice ones...cast bars from the perth mint......i have a couple....