If I remember correctly, you're generally not too fond of bots. So I'm glad I have your approval! ;)

I've been watching things carefully recently, and I thought that this was something that the market could really use.

I don't love the idea of bid bots. I wish content and content-creators could succeed organically, but I think the bots can help give them an extra push. But lately, more often than not, people have been losing money on bid bots, possibly without even realizing it. I wanted to be a part of something that would address that problem head-on.

The first voting round just closed with a +45.95% ROI, including curation fees. :)

And I'm glad you like the animation! I'll probably make new ones every now and then because it's just fun.

^^ yeah, I changed my opinion a bit. Since whales use bots, why should one be angry on anybody else using them? I haven't used one yet. Maybe HonestBot will be my first attempt. :-) And making your animations... you could make a buisness out of that on Steemit: Personalized footer animations for posts...

Doing freelance mini animations is something I've thought about. But I can never find the time for all the projects I want to do!

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