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Born and bred in YUL, Canuckistan (home of the first peanut butter patent and Wonderbra™ trademark), of Ukrainian Polish heritage, I've been a bit of a world wanderer the last decades. Life, career, and school have pulled me between multiple places in Egypt, India, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, and USA, with more to come I feel. I have had the good fortune and opportunity to travel to many other spots for bidni$$, pleasure, and a large number of weddings.

Along the way, I have successfully managed to dodge my own wedding bullet(s), and collect a mass of raw fodder for literary porpoises [sic]. Having worked in several sectors for companies massive, tiny, and sizes in-between, some of my friends (and family) persist in thinking I once was (and maybe still am) some sorta spy or sumpin' like that. My real-life experiences and observations form the basis of a unique, eclectic, and humorous writing style. For some strange reason, cats dig me (I wish it would work just as easily and well with women) and if I could jar and sell it, I'd have retired a long time ago.

I'm currently living on the Left Coast of North America in YVR, and when I'm not busy attending a wedding somewhere, or writing about it while listening to very loud house music, I have the semblance of a normal life and job. Sorta. Kinda. I enjoy being misunderstood in different languages I have butchered and warehousing inane information and factoids upstairs until Alzheimer's or dementia sets in to make it all disappear, or I get hit by a bus.

One of my favorite sayings is "Your next best friend is someone you haven't met yet" and it's a philosophy I try to embrace while mucking and muddling about. As those Johnnie Walker ads used to state, "Keep walking" and learning.

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Thanks and will certainly make use of the guides. All very useful. Peace out and Happy Holidaze to boot.